Letter to Lone Orchid

Letter to Lone Orchid

There I am again…
I know most likely you have been worried, but I am back and this time – keeping my stay.
Through the time was long and there had a lot happened, I am honestly happy to be back.
You know that I had missed you a lot. The time of the sunset in summer and the park walks in autumn – I remember them as much as winter chills and spring flowers.
The music is playing again and I love to admit that I so much missed it.
Do you remember nights in that house, where we sat on balcony and had our tea, looking far beyond the horizon and we dreamt of looking up that world and seeing things so far. But the usual catch were that I could not let go of you that easily ever. I always think of you and time when I could just be next to you.
Our dreams shall eventually come true. You know it and so do I.
The point in which i want to say – I assume I lost most of my fears behind. Do you remember what once said – that I am making walls to break them? I think I eased it up and build new other type of walls, but with a hatch to go through when it gets too hard.
I can’t remember the amount of written letters that I lost during the moments of me moving from one point in life to other.
My words are scattered across many notebooks and pieces of paper, that I left, or binned, or burned, or lost… As much as I have lost myself, I dare it all to find it all again.
You know, my friend, I love you for the way you are.
And I am willing to find what it is in there to be again myself… Though changes are inevitable and indeed we change, but I just wish to make that one solid piece of me that shall arrange all the rest according… According to our dream and plan from long ago.
I do still like to do dumb things, but not on serious purpose, just because they wish to see me like this, but I don’t care. If I would care as much I wouldn’t have been here…
Now I shall go to have my rest,
I hope you’re doing well.
Sincerely, with deep love,
your dear friend,

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