Letter to Lazy Cat

Letter to Lazy Cat

Hey there
I haven’t spoken to you for a long time, I know I am bastard of a friend for such matter.
But I am here now and I remembered what and how, so don’t judge me too harshly.
I was reading some yuri stuff and it made me think of you.
Y’know, I was reminded over about my skills of making people do what I want… well, at least getting to get what I want. And by having some sexual wit this boy I… Can’t deny, you now me! Yes, indeed I wanted to get him, although there is someone else in his heart, I just wanted him… and I got him, not fully, but broke the bit out like I dared to. Well, you know how it works with me.
Things are getting at the normal pace and yeah… can honestly say that my sexual drive is overflowing in past weeks, I’ve withhold myself from the mode of just over and over fucking whomever, but I need some proper sex, that’s for sure. Cat, you know my nature, and you have similar one, so you understand my desires.
Oh how I wish to have that sex with you… Burning up and swelling up, then going on and on and on throughout the night, moaning from pleasure and getting to that ecstasy feeling when coming.
My skin feels lonely and cold without your touch. That Bunny is too far away to have him every night. Plus the ares I’ve been with can totally explain how much of a perv and nympho I can get. I sure miss sex with ares. I can still remember his expressions when he was feeling demn good underneath me and making such cute face when coming and moaning and calling my name… aaaawh… that was sweet passionate love right there.
Would I like to fuck him once again – yes. Totally yes without a single doubt or regret. It is just something I’d agree to just to satisfy myself.
That just kicks me to the fat fact that I am a Narcissist.. Self obsessed maniac with deep love for cigarettes, coffee and sex.
Never the less, I wish we meet again so we can enjoy our dirty minds and please out desires within the fucked up shit we love.

Best regards,


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