Letter to Lazy Cat

Letter to Lazy Cat

Hi there!
I’ve been through a lot lately, that’s why I was not really able to put some words down for you.
I was abducted by real life, so that was (is?) a mess.
Well, my life still goes on, I do still get the introverted things I tend to keep in, even if it pains me or is burning me from inside. I assume over the years I just got accustomed to this sort of reactions within me.
As it comes and goes, I did like someone, then it just got to the extend of me not giving a toss, as this person isn’t valuing me, so why should I? Therefore this just as well ends up as a cold overnight dinner which was left on the kitchen table and is not very edible now.
I am planning my return back to the capital, so that shall be quite a thing… I think.(?)
Quite a lot of daughts lately, but as it goes, it goes, so I think I shouldn’t be that much worried.
I do miss my lovely Denve.. and wish to see Mell0 soon. Yup. Missing Mell0 as hell, and I felt so much for her as well as she got her own troubles. We all do have our troubles, don’t we?
At times I wish I could just tear away all the sad things in my life and in the lives of my best and most close friends, even people whom I care a lot about.
I somehow want things to get better, I had enough of this shit.
I became cold narcissist, that is not much interested in looking for love – it’ll find me, I had enough by spending tonn of time to waste whilst looking for something.
Now – just my Hypocritical and Narcissist MEMEMEMEME! And f*ck all the rest!
I know you’ll agree with me on this one.
Yours faithfully,

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