Cap on top of questions

The only thing that makes everything seem diverse is lies. When you take few sips of it here and there, then use each drop to maximum extent to kill, to make something or someone seem better or worse from what it actually is,  then you change things according to lies to not change the story,  you start to believe in this lie and the lie you made becomes the truth that occupied now your memory.
From one side, you generated the meanings that are just right to what you’ve done,  from other side you’re sitting in a place where just you know the truth, but if you spit it out, you’ll ruin whatever took you to build to the greatness it is now.


Then as the shit of the understanding of this situation nags you, you tend to your cold wounds and try to mend them, by going seeking for someone who knows nothing of you, so that you can shake off burden of carrying unneeded amount of lies, by telling your lies to this someone and alas, putting yourself to cold remedy that takes this shit condition away and you forget it.
Forget to never remember out loud, to hide it deep inside and just at times peeking at it and smile, or cry at it.
Taking sip of this dark stained blood, remembering what it took and what it means to me and you, burying the last of shit there is to say to never put it out there ever in life.


You shake all off, you hide all the horror you have inside…  For the sake of what you have right now,  for the sake of the future… For the one you love right now, with whom you’re right now, for the one who loves you right now.
For the present
For the future to come
For the life you ought for.


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