Some story of some Life (chapter VI)

Chapter VI


Rain fades away


Something awkward started up in life all of a sudden. Entwined all together so that no longer things seemed the same. Definite statement of change for more than 15%. You do know that brain can define the difference if the difference is around 15% or more. This case was just hardcore mass of all that did not add up.

I kept on looking at my screen, reading my own words and not believing in them. Most normal beings would not really believe such strange nature occurrence. Something like another creature showing up on front of your eyes, or this ghost talking to you.

This report looks like a ton of made-up bag of crazy. How am I supposed to explain the whole thing?
Putting this into words. This task was the most extraordinarily difficult. No matter how much I overlooked the situation, solution of words didn’t come. I stared at screen in search of something, yet words did not appear. At some point all information in my head decided to go “Puff” and it went silent. As if whole system just went bust from overheat.

I saved what I had. Turned everything off. Took a glimpse around, then decided that I should call it a day and go. Packed my purse, got it hanging over the shoulder, then said “Bye” to co-workers and went outside. Busy evening with sun just in about few hours setting down.

Everybody going somewhere or to someone. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes…

I was looking directly in her eyes… What was her eye colour again? Her lips…

I opened my eyes, as I caught myself thinking about her. Why in whole universe I would right now, at this moment in time think about her? Perhaps I overworked too much, that is why my head takes time to get out of working mode. Shook my head, slapped my cheeks slightly to get my focus back and committed to idea of getting my douche back home right now.

Erick should be back by now.

Turning the key in the lock, opening door and coming in.

Somehow this house is like no other ordinary house I’ve been. Erick said that everything here was created or selected by both him and Niko. All he said back then did not make much sense to me, but now I am gasping some bits that might actually make story whole and real, make sense and is actually not something I was concluding to before.

When I got into my room, I dropped all belongings next to the table, took change of clothes out of drawers and went for shower. Standing underneath running water relaxes a lot, sort of hum which takes away unnecessary bits and pieces.

– Hey, I wanted to talk to you.

I jolted as saw Erick standing next to me. Apparently due to me being fully inside the bubble of my thoughts I didn’t notice the door open and him walking in.

– Um, do you mind? – I asked as I started to blush, realizing that shower curtain wasn’t drawn and I am fully exposed to Erick. Stark naked in front of a handsome man. Marvellous.

– Not at all, – said Erick as he shifted legs, – I shall be going away for a week from tomorrow onwards. So I’ll need you to take care of the house for me. Hope you can manage that.

– Where are you.. – I couldn’t even finish sentence, Erick was already out and closing door behind.

After strange showering with intruders within my privacy I went downstairs for dinner.

One more thing each and every time tingling my senses is Ericks cooking. Somehow anything he cooks, makes or bakes, even for the first time trying, he makes it perfect. A kind of like… Food filled with love, which you can taste for yourself.

Today Erick made some salad, Farfalle macaroni and shrimp sauce. As always it gets, I bit my tongue whilst eating his divine cookery.

Somehow I found it a bit lonely eating by myself in the kitchen. Full aware that Erick was just upstairs, packing things for tomorrow, but I was already feeling lonely.

Today’s just too long day.

Just as I finished my food and cleaning up, I went to my favourite bed, dropped down, covered myself with blanket and in matter of seconds fell asleep.


“This evening sure seems long” – Erick thought, as he sat in Green Room, sipping on hot coffee.

– You seem to think too much, my dear. – Niko softly said.

– I’m continuously thinking, over thinking and drawing conclusions or changing perspectives in my head non stop. Quite silly to make any judgements based on this. – Erick replied, as he stared outside into darkness.

– Dear oh dear, – Niko breathed out, – It’s just a week. I’ll keep my watch in here for you my sweetie.

– Sometimes I do forget how sarcastic and sassy you become towards me. – Erick shook his head lightly.

– Sometimes I tend to keep reminding myself how hopeless you actually can be. – Niko was looking at Erick with a smile. – But I do know that on this trip you’ll see “him” to satisfy your sexual frustration. The one I’m not willing to be part of. But sure like to participate as a bystander from sidelines. For science reasons of course.

– You’re horrible. – Erick gave an evil eye. – But indeed I’ll make sure to enjoy myself as much as possible to then have some good stories to share.

– Good to hear that! – Niko said joyfully.

– I hope you… – Erick looked at Niko full of seriousness.

– Don’t worry about her dear. I’ll take care of her. My best treatment for her is promised. Somehow I’m sure she’ll enjoy a lot. – Niko cut Erick off mid sentence.


Night was taking over the land. Just around about eight or so hours until dawn. From tomorrow someone shall learn some new bits of life of joy, of sadness… Perhaps become a bit foul… But rain shall be the one to fill in right now, as clouds covered starry sky, rumbling with thunder tonight.

Heavy downpour to recover all living with refreshment, yet give that bit of frightening darkness, lurking in the holes of endless minds.

That in the morning all will come to recover, refresh and start anew.

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