Some Story of Some life (Chapter VIII)


Chapter VIII

Three Blooming Flowers

From such unexpectance I opened my eyes, as I was backing away from Niko, unsure of what to do. Speechless.

She just laughed and went back to making coffee.

– I see you haven’t got your cherry popped yet. So sweet.

She kept along with making darn coffee.

– At times I feel like me and Erick are like shadow and light. But I’m not sure who is what. I prefer the role of the supporter, from side lines, just keeping watch over from behind. Most likely I’m being a shadow then. I am aware of Ericks fame and success as a good artisan. He is fine, young and through me has more of inside “prosperity” as he said to me. Oh! I’ll take a big pot along, filled with coffee, so we can enjoy more of scenery outside.

Niko took cups to green room, made coffee in Ericks favourite glass pot and took it to green rooms table. All the while I just sat there, on the chair, blushing and thinking of why she is so touchy? For some reason in a way she is seducing me, is she not? It bugs me, it irritates me and puts me in a weak position! I’m weak? As much as I checked last time I am strong! Reaching to where I am now in my career is a hard work for strong and capable only! And I, due to my strength was assigned this case, being told it was the strangest mystery yet, hard to solve and because I am best I get this case! I can do it! I am strong! Niko can’t confuse me! She can’t get me off of track! I won’t succumb to her seducing or touching! Tough cookie me shall get to the core of this strange occurrence and close the case.

– You know that you are right now with me and I am with you. We share moment right now, right here, so don’t doze off inside your head daydreaming.

– I… I am not daydreaming! – I objected. – I was thinking about what you said earlier.

Niko took a sip of coffee, putted cup on a table and faced me, as we sat across the marble table from each other.

– Darling, can you now tell me about yourself? Otherwise it is all not fair. Now, – she slightly clapped her hands, – tell me about yourself.

About myself… – I took a breath, looked at my hands, – Umm… I am just a hard working girl, achieved quite a lot for my age, left parents when I could, am greedy with my workload. I am new to artisan world, where Erick is, what he is about in there. It all is just so new, so alien to me. My life is so much more different than what it is in here.

Room fell in silence, right then both of us were mulling over whatever we had in our heads. I remembered the time about when I was so keen to my studies and kept onto hard grip about sciences, as my dad always reminded me to become smart, educated and achieve career. And even now, I am all about work, crazy work which somehow brings me some crazy people. All I wished for all the time was a good living: nice house, great job, lots of things that are just there for me and no nagging from parents, so that they see I’m doing great and I am happy, and able to take care of myself.

– Let me guess, – broke the silence Niko,- you are a hard working girl who cares mostly about her work, job, issues around things that are all work related. Have you ever had another half? Lover maybe? Have you thought of situation or possibility of being a girlfriend, wife perhaps?

Niko got up, walked to the door leading outside to the garden from green room, opened it and just stood there in the doorway. She just looked outside. Perhaps thinking her own ideas about whatever she has there. I just was another normal person, maybe more quiet than most, but I’m fine. Interest from opposite sex, or wish to engage with someone in relationship… Due to my work I’ve seen a lot of issues in families and life. I haven’t had a wish to bond much with anyone or become part of new family.

I was silent, sitting there, focusing my eyesight in one dot on the flower.

– I did not have any other halves and haven’t thought about engaging in relationship. Foremost goals for me weren’t related to other people. Yes, I am egoistic, but I do what I do and I am good at it. Perhaps few times during life I had ideas of maybe becoming someone’s love and love someone, but due to me being as I am – full of duties and workload, I quickly flew away from such thoughts. Not that I have much against all that relationship thing, it just so happened to be.

As I finished my short speech of attaining some sort of clearance regarding shameful topic, I got up and went to put my cup in kitchen.

– You know, – I heard Niko from green room, – you’re quite lucky as you are. Formidable. Unlike you, I can’t live without love. I must love at all times to live and live to love. I wither without love, like flowers without water. See, I’m egoistic, selfish narcissist too.

I heard the cup being put on table, turning around to see Niko I found that she vanished again. “She is one hell of a weird person” – I muttered to myself as I cleaned up green room.

Sitting at work, half asleep, taking close to no interest in what is around or on my screen. Spreadsheets they were… are? For goddess sake, why in the world I stayed awake half the night. Thinking about Nikos words? And then her luscious lips were not going out of my head. I dreamed of her kissing me more, more intensely, pushing her tongue inside me, as she kissed my most sensitive and sacred parts, the way she fiddled her fingers inside me, so soft and persistent. I clearly dreamed all that, even as I came hard, moaning her name every step of the way, clinging to her like crazy, letting her violate me more and more. I woke up wet. That was unexpectedly first time ever I came from a dream.

I am not celibate or anything such, I weren’t interested in being close that way to anyone, thus nobody ever came close to me in that way, yet Niko just made me right now be in a haze, daydreaming of her kiss, feeling of which was still lingering on my lips. “She’s a pervert!” – I mumbled in girls’ toilet, as washed my hands, and then this picture from my dream of how she pushed her fingers inside me popped up and I blushed. Looking at my reflection I rectified my previous statement “Oh my, I am pervert.”

On my way back to my desk I bumped into girl which sat at the desk in a corner of our office division.

– Elyon, you seem unusually strange today. – spoke to me Orin.

– I… I’m alright. Don’t mind. – I mumbled.

– You know, if you want to talk about it, I’ll hear you out. Don’t worry I’m good at keeping secrets. – Orin slightly nodded and went off.

Unsure of how to take on that offer I went to sit in my chair. What did Orin specialize in? She seemed a blurry character for me right now, as I never paid much attention to her. Then I remembered of a technical magical instrument in front of me and looked up her on our server. Ton of cases solved by her, yet so much of hate from the head offices and upstairs chair people. She is good at what she does, so good she is hated. Orin surely resembles me a bit, within her work ethics that is. Perhaps, just maybe I might accept her offer and do talk to her. Based on these reports she is of great value as a chatting companion. And I do have to put my buzz inside the head someplace. My case became awkwardly hard for me.

In the end, I took Orins’ offer and we went to a café in old part of town. That part had its architectural beauty and strange, warming sort of charm. Rock-laid pavement, slim alleyways and old lampposts. Feels in a way like back in time to somewhere else. That kind of gave me similar feeling, as when Erick had told me his strange stories. Sad loving charm. Orin and I went through bunch of small alleyways, Orin was leading, and ended up in a strange restaurant, we ended there right after chat with coffee.

I spoke with her about the cases we had before, what strange individuals we ran across, how things a bit changed our view onto few issues, and then we drifted upon rocky topic: Niko. I blurred out about how Niko spoke of love, how she kissed me. In my defence, I was half bottle of wine in, had buzzing warm feeling inside, and babbling leisurely. Orin took up upon this topic shyly, yet she knew about love more than I did. Then I happened to tell her about my dream with Niko in great detail.

– Elyon, you know, I myself am still not much knowledgeable about that stuff.  Perhaps you want to um… Try it out with me? We both could learn something new about this? – Orin was blushing away, her eyes sparkly with curiosity and so was mine

I also found myself willing to experience such close skin ship.

– Let’s go to my place then? – I blurred out.

We paid the bill and went out to get cab.

Getting out of car next to Ericks house was a bit of a pickle. We were both bit wobbly, I almost tripped as I got out of the cab, but Orin held me up. We thanked cabby and went inside the house, as we went to my room to take off shoes and some clothes. Only in underwear we went downstairs to the kitchen, where grabbed a bottle of wine, from ricks special cupboard.

I opened the bottle and poured wine in glasses. Right then I heard this devilish giggle from behind me and Orin. As we turned around we saw Niko. She smiled widely.

– This… This is not what you… – I started to explain already understandable situation.

– Shush you, get me a glass of wine too, will you? – Niko said softly.

As I was a bit stuttering in my movements, Orin got a hold of herself and got another glass, poured wine in it and held it out to Niko, who took it gently.

– Soo… What were you planning on, you two cheeky beauties? – Niko looked at Orin.

– Um… – Orin burned red in her cheeks, – We were thinking of um… T-trying some close erotic b-bits.

– Uhuum… I can help you out with that, if you ask nicely, – Niko touched Orins neck, then drew line towards breast with her finger, – my dear.

– C-could you… – Orin started out.

– Could you make love to me? T-to us? – I cut out Orin mid-sentence.

Nikos gaze turned to look at me. I only felt slight chill down my spine, then I remembered my dream and somehow felt as I am becoming wet in between my legs. Perverted lustful excitement.

Niko putted glass of wine on the table, then took our glasses and putted them beside hers. Then took me half hugging around my waist, drew closer to me and kissed me on my lips, licked them, pushing her tongue inside my mouth, I replied her with my tongue wrapping around hers, my hands touching her back, her face. Then Niko turned to Orin, to kiss her same way, touching Orin on her back, her hips, belly, then massaging Orins breast and returning her hand on Orins waist, Niko pulled us both close to her, so that our skin touched. Orin then pulled my cheek to face her, then started to kiss me, as I felt soft wet Nikos tongue on my breasts. Niko took my bra off, tossed it aside, and then softly touched my breasts, licking and sucking my nipple, slightly biting it. Orin was kissing me deeply and passionately, as I touched Orin, slowly taking off her bra, then tracing invisible lines on her body with my fingers, I heard loud moan from Orin, as she pulled back from our kiss – Niko was kissing Orin on her panties, licking with tongue around most private and sensual parts, then Niko looked at me, smiled and pulled me closer to her face, by gripping my butt tightly, other hand taking my panties off and she kissed me down there on my bare skin. I felt her wet tongue on my clitoris, my labia, Niko sucked on my skin, then licked me more, I couldn’t hold my moans back either. Orin was breathing heavily, my mind was going blank, fuzzy.

– Let’s go to Elyons room, we should be more comfortable there. – Said Niko with her never changing cheeky attitude yet very seductive voice.

We agreed and moved ourselves to my room, there we: me and Orin, undressed completely, went to bed, kissed and sensually touched each other bodies, felt out each part. Niko was one to make both me and Orin squeal with utter pleasure and moan until our throats felt dry. When gasping for air we kissed.

Night went on with three of us embracing each other, seductively pleasing, sensually submerging bodies in ecstasy. Then bare and exhausted we found embrace in beds warmth and pillows softness.

All happened as dream.

Very pleasing dream.

Chilly breeze woke me up, got me cold shivers, but all in all, it was still night, warm night. Feeling thirsty for water, I went downstairs to the kitchen, got myself glass, poured some water, managed to down half of contents, when I saw Niko standing in a green room. I made few steps closer to her, and I watched her drink coffee, with nothing on her, but panties. Fine breasts, not too small, long legs, slim waist… Her body embraced by a moonlight, resembled a fairy, kind of one like descendant of Eros. Beautiful.

I walked towards her, my legs made this decision, and so I stood next to her, person who made my body squirt from ecstasy, person who I wanted to embrace me so bad.

– You know, your body is perfect. – She said as she noticed me from corner of her eye. – Love your breasts, your small puffy nipples, so sweetly sensitive, your soft silky body, your bare delicious skin, love juices you made were delightfully sweet. – Niko turned to me, looking directly in my eyes, – You should know you are beautiful. And that it shall be my pleasure to embrace you and hold you. You just tell me if you want me to.

– I’d love to. – I said.

Niko came in closer, her hand around my waist as we shared a kiss.

Most sensual kiss I’ve ever experienced. My eyes were closed, then I opened them as I felt soft breeze on my lips. She was gone. Vanished in thin air again.
“When will I see you again? Hope soon.” – I mumbled.

Sun shined through blinds mercilessly, birds ever so loud. My eyes cracking open, body woozy a bit, mind is hazy. Looking around: no sight of Orin, just note stood on table which read:” Thank you both for amazing night. It was divine. Perhaps we could repeat that? P.S. Sorry, have to run home!”.

Orin, you cheeky woman! Showering was long, I just stood under water and recalled memories of past night events. “Oh dear, I’m pervert. But can’t deny, it was good.”

Nights kiss flashed in my mind, as I touched my lips with my thumb, I barely still sensed her lips on me, thus my body too, had this whiff of senses from last night. I never knew I could feel so much pleasure.

Interesting, when Niko shows back again?

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