Quitting games because someone “said so”…


This might seem like the weirdest thing I actually spout out, but seriously, such sh*t is intolerable!

Earlier today on the twitch stream on NB3 came in donation with a guy saying that he watched NightBlue3 for many years now, and he must stop watching him, as well as quit League of Legends and delete the game, for the reason that his girlfriend requested so.
Chat went berserk! And I actually support that rage with which chat blew up!

Such occurrence of “Girlfriends making their man delete/quit games(online on PC/PSP/PS3(4)/XBOX or plain console games) and even sell their consoles, to the situation of the guys giving their laptops/computers to the girlfriend”, had been popular and quite common for many gamers. And that is hideous!

How dare you act like this towards your significant other?! This person sacrificed for you the one great hobby/stress relief/great interest in the face of the GAMING and you? What have you done for him? Did you stop talking to ALL your friends? Did you delete all your social network accounts? Have you given him the appreciation and gratitude that he deserves for what he did for you? NO! YOU DID NOTHING!
Ladies, you keep whining regarding the need of attention, more of this and that, but you are blind to the fact that he is not only “Guy/Boy/Man” he is HUMAN! HE also has needs and wishes, and surely as fuck does not give two shits about what your friends told you about him, or shenanigans that you throw at him or other unneeded crap!

For most people who play games it is their moment of happiness,  or this is the way of them to relax, stress relieve, something where they put their excess anger they don’t wish to release on the close ones, their world, their place of belonging, with similar people who share this interest, who support, who understand.

Ripping out person from there into the world with that girlfriend who is bitching, nagging and whining, brain f*cking and not stopping with her sh*t is way more harsh than can be explained. Girls don’t see that.

[In one story I got to know a guy sold his PS3, XBOX and gave his laptop to his girl after marriage. HE started to smoke weed, drink and he got into depression. She just kept on eating on him, with nagging, bitching and whining. Saying that he’s this way and it’s his fault.]

They just get more annoyed and leash out at them because guys start to smoke, drink or spend more time with the strangest sort of people. (BUT IT’S YOUR FAULT LADIES! YOU TOOK AWAY WHAT MADE HIM “HIM”! And it’s his fault for changing? YOU MADE HIM CHANGE and get on that path! IT WAS YOUR FAULT!)

They see that “He is not giving enough attention”.
To tell the truth, it is scientifically proven that gamers can multitask at high levels of difficulty. So it might seem that they don’t pay attention, but in reality they only react onto meaningful information that somehow affects them. They see you too, not only their monitor. Their eyes do take up information upon details.

“He doesn’t say compliments” girl spouts out. Well, he doesn’t have to. He sees the changes, he notices every slight detail, but he just doesn’t see why he must say much every time. And it is in mans nature to say less words. They mainly ACT (hug/kiss/taking care of) is all part of how they are.

“He doesn’t make decisions!”
He does, but you don’t pay attention! Man in his nature DOES TAKE ACTION and decides on the events in his life. But when you ask of him something with YOU being only one in the benefit of the situation, he surely is unwilling to make decision, coz there is NOTHING FOR HIM, or HE MUST SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR NOTHING. And no love, YOU don’t count, unless you make EXACT GRANDE sacrifices as he does.
IF you ask of him to take action then you better be ready to stick with this man. Cook, clean, take care of him and look after him. Become mother for his children, help his parents, work and build your future together.
If you don’t want that – piss off! HE does not need some leach like you!

If you wish to stick with gamer – be ready to get involved in that world too. Look how they play, ask questions about the game play, try to understand why they love it.
Gamer is a human, just like any other person in the world.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated!
If no – be ready for what will come. And that ain’t pretty.

Man by default will do more, will pay more attention and talk more, IF you will pay same amount of attention, love and caring. Relationship is something BOTH must WORK on, not only one, THE TWO OF YOU.

And remember, the right person will always be encouraging you on your hobbies, dreams and work, always support and shall be there, they’ll fight for you and stick with you until the very end through all the hardships that may come. They will do their best to give you all they have, and their full heart and care and attention.

This post was created because of the stupid mutts that put them way higher than they are, making people do things out of love, that hurt them eventually.
This kind of “treatment” is not only with guys, some gamer girls experience similar things. But to big misfortune guys get such sh*t more often.

Be careful with your love life.


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