Noting it down

I have been writing this piece of creation for a long while, looking for proper words, missing out at points and adding them, correcting what is.
Biggest issue is that I try to not go into politics in there, but at times it springs out. Can’t be helped much if brain decided to add this within story to clarify the issues. But I still try and keep it simple, with heart and soul to it.
Parallels, that is the idea behind it. That we can share feelings and senses.
But oh itch of sharing out with all about how immoral had world become, how deserted are paths of righteous, the wise-man had ceased, becoming close to the endangered species we hear over on discovery channel.
Hard to believe in better, hard to look at the bright side, always is, but the beauty of little miracles encourage to never stop looking at that candle light in dark to move forward.
History had become lies, with only poets and writers handling and carrying out the truth.

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