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Dear reader,

Please don’t get too offended of the post or opinion held by writer.

This is the slight “update” to the project “REAL SIDE OF LITHUANIA AND LATVIA” (link here – The Project Link )

As you see – nothing much changes as days pass by. We’re still here, at our point, buzzing inside with wish to share the history and reality, the situation that blooms right now and the perceptions of the events, but we’re at a standstill, as people try to “stay aside” from actual problems, from ACTUAL situations.
You see, the thing I had encountered here, in Lithuania, from day 1 since I arrived was being told that “Most people in here UNDERSTAND Russian language”.
So being British-polite, I had been trying to talk to people in Russian, as I don’t know Lithuanian, I did not use English for MOST PEOPLE IN HERE DON’T UNDERSTAND IT.
But then I had been having a face-off with Lithuanian ladies that make a very hateful face each time I ease their job at understanding me, when I spoke in Russian. Them ladies/gentleman had THE MOST UTTER HATRED AND DISLIKE ON THEIR FACE, not to mention their tongue clicking. They do that every time I talk to them. And then I spoke in English – their puzzled expression – priceless.

They are still unaware of the realities of being in EU – such as knowing language(English) and encountering the people from different countries (EU and not only). But they SHOW their dislike, they try to sly out saying something that can not be understood. They are ignorant.

For me, as a person who knows 3 languages, trying to be polite and acknowledge hardships these people have(using language they UNDERSTAND), withstanding hardships of my own while having people that don’t understand ENGLISH, TO  have these people shove me aside by being rude and smacking tongue at me and stay calm.. ARE YOU BLOODY SERIOUS?!

I had kept it cool, but hey, stop being douche bags! Whole country being displeased with Russians is one, but getting judgmental over each little thing – too flipping much!
Today I snapped at a lady in bakery shop when I asked her in Russian language for a  bun with sausage. She smacked her lips in disgust, had that eye squinting thing they do and swayed towards getting the bun. I said out loud in English “What’s your problem? Why you smack tongue at me? Seriously?” and she kinda freaked out for not suspecting me being able to speak up and for all there is – in English.

From then on – she smiled and was shut with her doing her work.

But seriously, IF I spoke to her in English from beginning she would be acting “nice”, but for her to understand me I spoke in Russian and received such ATTITUDE.

This was rather a bad experience, but I had quite a lot of them, I just did not say back anything, as I smiled and had acted to the best of possible ways.


All the other times I tried to speak with people – they avoid me, run away, pretend to hurry all of a sudden(standing on a bus stop waiting for bus, and then rushing off to somewhere), they were saying “No speak english” and then smilingly swayed aside.
All people I speak up to – run the hell away from me.

My husband laughed hard each time I said that “Today another girl rushed away from me as I tried to talk to her.” . Then he said to me that “Lithuania is a scared ass country that avoids talking to most and tries to stay away from EVERYTHING. It is number 1 country which has highest rates of suicides in EU, if not the world.”

Thank you for reading my tantrum.

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