“Bus Station” ; “Fluffy Shadow”

Here are some short sketches that got drawn up while I traveled.

If you wish to use it, please leave a “Thank you” comment below.

Best regards!

Anastasija E.


“Bus Station”

Bus station, deep night, single bus running it’s engine, with driver asleep, waiting out until time of departure. Time passes, eventually he shuts off engine.
Nearby screech of train on metallic rails gives chills, with some cars passing by in the distance.
Park is just across the bus station, nurturing hundreds of sculptures, with creators long gone.
She was waiting for her bus, pacing back and forth around the station platforms. Her eyes on the ground, thoughts running about her “to do list”. Something made her turn her head and a glimpse of an old man caught her eye. Statue, but it looked as if Quasimodo was walking along the border of park. Slight shivers run down her spine.
She took few more steps ahead, looked back, and this time she found a woman in pain, bent inwards, clinging with her hands around stomach, as if whispering or chanting dark matters to herself.Yet it was statue.
Few steps more – crumbling wizard was seen, with his hand on his walking stick, moving faintly towards endless night. But again – it’s a statue.
Girl walked to her platform, still eyeing other side – statues were in a way looking back, mysteriously calling out, to come along into the night, to become another statue.


“Fluffy Shadow”

Buzzing of the market place, people rushing to put their merchandise for sale, prepping for a day ahead.
Some drunks wobble around shouting words and phrases barely to be understood. Sales ladies pulling out their food stock, giving orders to their staff.
Early morning is quite the time for the farmer folk.
Through rows of stalls a black fluffy shadow is passing by. Swiftly, like liquid, pouring around their feet, making way to a small shop on the corner.
Out of the corner shop door appeared lady in thick navy blue cardigan, looking around at sunrise and buzz. Her breath visible in the cold morning air:” Morning frost, huh?” – she thought to herself, as she went back to get out a table. Her merchandise must be out and shown as well, for today to be successful.
Right as she puts the table on the ground, black shadow jumps on it.
“Oh you! Good dear, morning to you too. Had a good nights sleep?” – she spoke with a black stray cat, that by default long ago became the market cat – guardian shadow of merchants.

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