Oh how days go!

It seems like weather has some issues with it’s decision making. Or it just has some strange mood swings.

We here enjoyed few good days of sun, warmth, that brought us the fuzzy spring feelings, the hype to do and make things, to buzz like a bee crazy with ideas.

Well, it’s more like I began the utter buzz and can’t sit my arse down, and my husband just looks at me praying that I won’t be dragging him along with EVERY ONE of the ideas I get. To his relieve – most of my ideas are crafty, and he is not so good at crafting… Kinda sad reality.

None the less, we spent some days outside, I had tantrums about my projects not working out the way I wanted to, he was calming me down, as it’s hard to make me stop thinking. I all the time have ideas. If that’s not craft , it’s about book I’m writing, if not that, then my photography ideas, not that then the jewelry, and so on…

I’m really great full that he puts up with all my arts-person shenanigans. It does requires a lot to put up with artistic human, especially if you were studying law, psychology, business, and all that serious hardcore stuff (which my husband did).

Right now weather is dark, it got cold again, the sleepiness is still in the air, but some good buzz still left to keep on going with things.

I shall be taking more time to write something here, in blog, so it’s not only my tantrums and endless chapters of “Some story….”, but also some facts and things about my life, about travels and people. (My husband kicked my bum to write here. He is convinced that out of two of us I am more talkative. Still unsure if he is right.)

But hey, let’s make a good blog post today! I shall start of with writing long ass intro about me and my husband. (in next post)

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