Life gamer (short bit)

He looked outside, thinking of times he spent alongside his lover. About how they were together, but paths differ.

Erick went to hell knows where, leaving no trace behind. Where he moved is a mystery. What’s left is the empty apartment, his scent on a few shirts he left and memories of what happened in these walls.
How strange it all felt now, as there is nobody to share the bed with.
Cigarette lit up, smokes filled lungs, David looked at moon from 2oth floor, with big city still buzzing below, people having fun, as it’s friday night. Bubbly tipsy girls giggling about things they yet know nothing about.

“So that’s how it goes.” – David turns around to seek for ashtray.- “But it all was my fault. I let him get away.” He spoke to himself as he smoked.

Phone rings. Screen flashes the picture of a classy lady, with a classy name.

“Does she ever let me breathe easy?” – David mumbles before picking up the phone. Few minutes of chat with a lady, love talk, the “I miss you honey” sort of motif. Then he ends the call, as her husband is heard on the background.

“Rich ladies play with fire, they tend to be like moths and I am their desire. If to believe the most.” – David smiles and finishes his glass of whiskey. “They never learn. Never stop. Addiction is killing.”

Pacing the room, then falling on bed, pulling in shirts Erick left, sniffing in what’s left of him. “And I still am addicted to you. Will I ever learn…?”

Dreams pulled him in, wrapping in soft and fuzzy warmth. His memories flew back to when Erick was smiling and saying how much he loved David.

Never ending chains. Addiction that feeds upon colored memories. Faint smile of that one person who they both forgot, they forgot they were always watched.

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