“Soft touch”(short sketches)


Outside was rain, not the heavy kind, but the soft one. Falling down onto grass, slipping down window sills.

She stood in doorway, that lead to the outside. Ahead was forest. Sounds muffled by the rain, warmth floated around, smell of heat and greens was felt as I came closer to her.
“It’s such a beauty. Even now, middle of the night. Can you feel it?” – Her hand pulled me closer to her, in a hug. I looked outside with fascination – moon kept shining, as rain fell down – it was like magic. In the woods there were some animals still running around, owl hooting somewhere, and whooshing of rain… It was calming, made me feel like a part of it all, a part of woods, part of forest. Not noticing I shut my eyes, breathing in deeper the scent of freshness.

Her lips, soft and pink, touched my cheek, then as she was being cheeky she licked my face, making me shrivel and try to escape her grip on my waist, but she held me tighter.
“No no honey. I won’t do that. Come here.” – Elyon, with her soft fingers, pulled my face to her, then she kissed me, with that sweet soft touch she had, making me drown in her. She was my poison, my addiction, and the only one left for me there.

She’s my love, my curse and obsession. Only one I want. For eternity to stay together. Forever.

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