“…her fingers really felt divine.”

Mind was dripping with inappropriate words, outside world seemed far away, like at the far end of a tunnel. She stood mesmerized by this ladies beauty.
Imagination running wild, as just the way her motions sway, mind gave ideas of how she’d bent and stretch on lavish bed she had. Would her slim fingers feel so sly, like bandit or a robber hiding in the night sky?
Peachy lips, that left lipstick stain on a wine glass, kept on catching prey, perhaps some awed men too, but getting closer for a girl; well “hey” should do the trick, as I approached her going by instinct.
She glanced at me with smile, inviting closer by, to join few drinks. “Oh my!” – exhaled she just when I, accidentally touched her leg while sitting right. To my great fortune later by, I felt her lips on mine, while heading in a taxi all the way to mine. Surprisingly she gobbled my wuss dry, in a sopping wet king of night.
She was way more than I thought to myself, but I was right: her fingers really felt divine.

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