“…you’ll see for yourself.”

“Shh…” – she hugged him tight, as he sat beside her, exhausted, thoughts in explosion, staring at a random spot somewhere behind the window.
Clumped room holding books, boxes of old ceramic, clothes and records hostage. Slight glimpse at the walls: old Rolling Stones poster, world map with sticky notes attached to it, photographs of nature, people, still objects… One man continuously repeating on photos.
Favorite model perhaps?

Judging by the light of sun – it’s right about afternoon, with people on the street below walking home, or for lunch, some pointlessly aimlessly go.
He barely felt her hug, not that he was thick skinned in any way, it’s just that he was too preoccupied with his concerns. All the things he kept bottled up – exploded, due to this man, who we see on photographs.

She felt as his body trembled. Enough as it is, he was shaken up too much – world flipping up side down, with hurricanes passing through.
Years… It were years of their collaboration, years of friendship and excessive love, then sex and desires, plans and accomplishments, and now… The other party just vanished in thin air. Shabby note left behind, with his nature words that meant either all or nothing. This time, words that were left behind were as empty, as brandy bottle that stood on a table beside it.

By now – months have gone by. Not a single call, text, email… emptiness. Just a bunch of things they collected over the time they lived together and this forsaken note.
He couldn’t cry, as tears ran dry – she knew it, whilst covering his eyes with her hand. She knew that today again, she’ll sleep with this man, but only in body, while his soul along with thoughts are still somewhere else – far away.

He was never much soft with others, not so caring, never attached to anyone but that man. Today, as some sort of exception, his eyes were actually focused, he put his feelings into each kiss, touches burned and embraced her as never before. She, for the first time, while doing it with him, felt this way. It made her cum hard, then after shower she dozed off fast.

He stood right next to the table, note staring back at him. He almost made up his mind to end it.
– How could you write this bullshit? – he quietly asked it.
– Because you asked for it yourself. – replied his lover, standing at the entrance, near the door.

“When it’s empty – there is not much that can fill it in. You’ll see by yourself. Signed A.”

– You know, I never felt so desperately empty in my life. I wonder if it really is as shattering, as people describe it?
– Would you like to know?
– I would…
– Then You’ll see for yourself.

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