Chapter XVIII

Memories and Light


The high trees and branches reaching out, as if dividing the sky, were so full of strength yet gave off the light. Strange creatures of this place lurked everywhere, with these little beings crawling the leaves, the girl-like fairies that fly around rustling flowers and leaving trace of starry dust behind. All this seemed to Elyon like the part of some movie or dream that is too real and too vivid.

Elyon got up and began walking on the path leading somewhere unknown. Just as she made her first few steps, she was stopped by a fairy creature that stood right opposite her, observing the newcomer to this land. Fairy, barely making it to the height of one metre, which is quite small for these areas, watched intruder with her blue-green eyes, fluttering wings behind her back.

– You! – She spoke up.

– Me? – Elyon pointed out to herself with a finger.

– For as far as I see you’re the only intruder to our forest, so yes, you! Follow me, as I, – fairy flew up to be on same eye level as Elyon, – the amazing Lilly, shall guide you to our magnificent Goddess!

And as she said that, she turned around and slowly flew by the path, then turned around few times to make sure that Elyon walked behind without getting lost, then kept on going as her wings made swishing sounds.

Path was twisting up ahead, with scenery slightly changing after the trees that hang just bit below the clouds. Elyon was still enjoying the strange little fey creatures climbing up the tree trunks, small salamanders, she saw strange little things with little hats all covered with fungi with little eyes, observing her.

“Elyon! Is that you?!” – heard Elyon in her head, quite loud, as if someone shouted out that to her. Looking around – nobody there, but the voice…

“Elyon! That is you! Oh my, it’s Orin!” – voice kept on going.

– Orin? – Elyon shook her head, trying to get a hold of situation, but just got more confused.

“Hey! I am with man, he’s name is David! He says that you should be careful! And says that we are linked in some way, and oh! He’s asking where you are, he might know…” – Orins voice was buzzing inside the head, and the fuzziness that was from when Elyon just awoke got back, making Elyon stop, as she wobbled. She tried to hold onto something, as she reached out her arm, but could not grab onto a single branch, for they seemed far away. Everything spun around, Orin kept saying something, and then all went dark.

Elyon fainted, dropping down on the grass.

Lilly turned around to look for her guest, to find that Elyon was out cold on the ground.

“Really? Ehh…” – she exhaled, as she flew back to Elyon, then stopped right next to her, glowing brighter, becoming the height of a grown up elf, then she took Elyon over the shoulder and walked on, to the meant destination.




Tea cup on the table, two figures sitting opposite one another; David stares down Orin, as she recollects all she saw in mere few seconds that she was able to reach out to Elyon.

– Every detail, each small thing you saw. Come on, you can do it. – David patronised the girl.

– It was forest, tall trees… Elf was there? I think it was elf. – Orin wiped bits of sweat from her forehead. Concentrating this hard to see what she never saw herself, yet it just appeared, such occurrence was the first time ever to Orin, and she pushed herself hard. All this was also due to pestering of the man opposite.

– Elfs you say… Forests… That sounds just too… Shit! She is near Krator! Well, let’s hope she gets to the Goddesses hands before anyone else grabs her. I hope that elves still answer to Goddess. I must tell; let them know…

Right as he said it he got up and walked to his study room, rustled something in there, then walked out again. He pushed the button of the massive music player, getting the sounds of some opera-rock, then as he listened to Nightwish, he went to get bottle of absinth. Glass, full with green liquid, was putted on the table besides tea cup.

– Now listen carefully. I need you to slap me hard if I begin to tremble too hard, most likely it’ll look like I have epileptic seizure, but don’t freak out, just don’t, all you need to do is slap me hardest you can. Got that? – David pulled out some pills out of the pocket, drank them along with the absinth.

Orin looked at this man, dozing off, eyes closed, breathing as if dead, his chest barely moving. He was lying on the couch. That alas was moment for Orin to take better look at him. Handsome, white hair, his features as if chiselled out of marble, rose lips, long lashes… Orin turned around, blushing, realizing that he is that one man she dreamed of, the prince in shining armour if you wish, but he was real. “Oh my, Orin, keep them fuzzy thoughts at bay! You have Elyon right now as your faithful partner! Shoo bad thoughts! Shoo! Shoo!” :  Orin chased invisible bad thoughts with her palms above her head, then few times slapped her both cheeks, making them burn a bit. That did its job though, she had clear head now.


David spoke softly and slowly as he explained to Orin what had happened, how she got dragged in, and that by all the opposites in the world, it was best for her to know all, just for the sake of herself.
“You see, there was research once, about people who had extraordinary abilities, they called it telekinesis, dream data sharing, morphing and shifting through time parallels. I was one of those test rabbits, so were few other people. One man in particular was curating this process. His name is Adrian. He along with Niko and Erick were the founders of the whole research. It just so happened that when Niko and Erick were communicating Adrian somehow intercepted that. But all is also twisted due to her being really from different place. Erick and me – we are from this world, Adrian achieved the skill of teleporting himself through parallels, but one place he can’t get to – where Niko is. I was added to the bunch just a bit after the first trials began.
Somehow we studied together, I have memories of all of us being students and Adrian being professor in the university, but unfortunately, due to my incident in the Labyrinth, I have mixed memories of all the parallels I’ve been. Still I am clueless of what Adrian was doing to Erick, as he was the main puppet in his hands. Niko was there, but was not, all due to where she was. She can travel through parallels better than Adrian, she was one who taught him how, this occurrence was referred to as “Echo”, just like latest research. She taught us too, how to merge there. But that takes up a lot of our sanity and strength. It’s like having your brain overload on multiple types of programmes, data, viruses, bugs, everything the system has, with data and all files in storage, and then you seek the path through that all mess to get to where you need.
From what I know, although it looks like Adrian is older out of all of us – Niko is like the predecessor to everything. How old is she? Forever stuck in her twenties, that is what it looks like.
Oh… Erick was damaged when he went through his Labyrinth and his parallels collided, he was ripped out of the coma only three months later, and he was not the same. We kept him on medication, but not much we can do. He still proclaims he is journalist, although he studied law with me, but remembers none of that. Actually I have memories of things I am not sure if happened, but they feel real. Once Erick said that for him it was not three months, it were around three hundred years if not more…

By all means it’s as twisted as it gets, but all you have to know – now due to encountering Niko, both you and Elyon are endangered. Ardian had been up to other sort of experiments, and that those are worse. I don’t know what he wishes to accomplish but he is insane. It wholeheartedly took piece by piece out of him, so there is no Adrian there, not the one who was present at first.
So you and Elyon are most likely linked, just like I am linked to Erick and Niko. Ehh… Well, to most infortune Erick was taken away from under my nose, and Elyon most likely was grabbed from offices.
So now, we need to heed to help as much as possible. There is so much I still don’t understand, but I truly wish to.
I think one person who can sort everything out is Niko. But for as she is unable to get our loved ones out, I have friend who keeps tabs on the states of ones who were taken from us, so we at least shall know if wind blows to other destination.
I need you to concentrate hard and try to picture Elyon in your head, concentrate hard, that’s the start of the connection.”

All the while David was talking he made pauses, deeply inhaled, looked around, exhaled as he spoke of his memories, he rustled his white hair, being so unsure of what was real or not. He was sincere in what he said, all truth, but still so complicated.
Looking at the books in the study room on Davids premises was quite indulging. The different writers of known and unknown names, some cover backs were in some strange language. Some strange writings and drawings of weird creatures were on the table, on the floor. What was going on in there – other world where all went to? What are these names “Hikaru”, “Yuki”, “Gabriel”? Some mentions about war between kingdoms of Faeriton, but what happened? What is going on?




Old roads had changed, but the paths that once were taken and walked upon still stayed there, less groomed, since not many took the steps through these ancient groves.

This same path Erick once walked to discover the old lady with much to tell on the top of tree. Birds singing, tall grass around trees, rustling softly from wind – these things did not change. Although, how much has it passed by now? The huge tree, with its slightly bared roots still coloured in red, but not as bright now, it more became rusted. “Now the climbing part”: Erick thought to himself as his feet were pushing him off and his hands grabbed onto branches.

Halfway through he looked aside – tree had grown more, so now from this half way up he could see town to its outskirts, wind here was stronger, singing of birds was faint below. “So that witch is still alive…”: Deep breath and Erick grabbed onto next branch.

Slightly out of breath, wiping sweat from eyebrow, Erick pulled himself up onto the thickest branched out point, the size of this little field was still impressive. In the middle sat Old granny, the keeper and protector of the tree, and next to her – Niko. The two stopped their chat the moment they saw Erick looking at the two, as he was catching up with his breath.
– Tea? – Niko smiled as she saw her dear friend.
– That would hit the spot, so yes please. – Erick came closer to the little table with tea cups. Granny poured in cup tea of herbs and tree juice. This mixture gave the utmost result of getting healed and back on track to move on and deal with problems.
– I know all, so what I can say from my part is that Tree gives you it’s blessing, just like the forest of this part of mountain. Be careful when encountering evil forces. – Granny looked at grinning Niko, – You on the other hand aren’t bothered much by these forces. So, both of you replenished, now get out and go end another war before it begins. This tree had enough blood to feed upon, enough bodies to take to earth, it wishes for peaceful times to last longer.
Niko smiled, stood up, took Ericks hand and walked towards edge of the little field – ahead were seen fields and forests, towns and clouds, wind barely moved here, no sounds reached this far. She grabbed Ericks hand tight.

“Do you remember the one person you wish to avoid the most throughout all parallels?” – Her voice sounded in Ericks head.
“Who? I would not have such a person… Can’t recall any…” – He looked in her eyes – mouth shut.

“Then we’ll need your memories back my dear. It’ll hurt like a bitch, but we need this creature to help us out.” – Her eyes pierced deeper inside his self. – “Erick, you must remember Ary.”

After word “Ary” was heard, Ericks hands began sweating, body was going hot and cold, shivering, looking puzzled he was in shock he couldn’t explain, then he felt empty, body relaxed, mind was at ease, as if he died inside. Hollow feel, cold look in his eyes, his breath silent, still having his hand gripped tight by the girl, that did not break eye contact the whole time.

– Now we must go. – She said as she pulled him along in a jump.




Bench of burned and charcoaled wood, still standing, roses of red blooming, oozing the scent to the choking extent, cigarette smoke puffing out from soft rosy lips that deformed into grin, grey eyes squirted, looking far ahead, slim fingers holding cigarette. “Fascinating, our Roses scent returned.” – Deep voice full of hate gave chills to ones who heard it, but to most fortune – this creature was alone for miles around without a soul. He turned around, long ash grey hair swooshing in the wind. “I’ve missed you, Kings Rose.”

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