Chapter XX

As it slowly gets Back


All is buzzing inside the being, it is waking up force known to none.

She has the persistence of the very jealous wife, she tries to accomplish what she began, she wants to see what her eyes want to see, her heart shut closed forever. You will never mistake her for anyone else barging into your life issues. She is the queen of the drama. You will never change her mind.

Her name – Meryn – the great wife of multibillionaire Adrian, who is the holder of sixty percent shares to AIO, also one person who she persuaded to become her husband, in spite his own wishes of course.

To all known people yes, Adrian holds company, but with his face as front, there is still some people in the board who curate the other bit that Adrian yet can’t gobble up. With all this in mind he is one who made the project “Echo”, works on it insanely, keeping Merin in charge of the rest company shenanigans, board members and publicity. To his great relieve – she is good at it.

Merin had been researching Niko for a long time, right after the time when she became the stalker to Adrian. But that did not matter to this obsession driven brain. One thing in her head – this ghost Niko must be crushed.

With all these years past, there is no trace of this person. As far as she could research – Niko never existed in the first place. This information lack was driving Merin insane with lust and hate.
Adrian had a way to talk to Niko, that he called telepathy or something. Even so, with all these years of experience behind the belt, she still is can’t find a single lead. Until now – she researched Erick, who’s in facility, Elyon as well, who is in the lab right now. Something might appear soon enough. But even so, it takes time to lure out information from Kriss.

Phone call distracted her. Looking up at the caller name she lit up like Christmas tree, picking up receiver happily.


Adrian was fully submerged in his research programme. Having dozens of programmes running on monitors showing progressions, changes, vital escalations that occur to the bodies of “Echo” subjects, for this is the “key”, as far as he believes in it. He was writing down his extent subjectified observations in regards of transgressions on office system software, developed especially for his project.

Few floors below – Kriss was mulling over the last data from subject forseeing scan. Looking at uneven projectiles was getting him nervous so breathing in, then out, trying to straighten out thought process he kept looking charts. One of the subjects was overly stressed; his brain wave flow was rippling others. Such occurrence was first time to appear so much in so little time. Though due to what Kriss knew, he got the gist of who broke the bonds to release the stress pent-up inside everyone, and it’s slowly raising havoc.

One thing Doctor was right now praying for – that Adrian would be calm, in least, and try to minimise damage, that he’ll eventually do to all subjects under the “Echo”. “Oh the nerve cells that’ll die this week.” – Thought Kriss to himself.

Then he pressed recording. “Body vitals are stable; all shows fine intake of chemicals, brain work is advancing as predicted by the programme. Activity sparked few times, but that seems to be the small glitch. Vitals are all green.”


David wakes up in in the rose garden inside massive castle. Middle of the night.

“Let’s hope I find you fast enough, before connection breaks.”
He stands up, looking around to get a glimpse of where someone might be, and due to his connection he felt that the needed person is near. Soon enough he gets a glimpse of someone pacing through the gates that lead inside the garden. Dark hair with shimmering red gave her away.

“I felt you were coming.” – Niko spoke as she stood opposite David.

– There are complications dear. They took Elyon and she is here. Most likely supported by Goddess by now, as far as I’ve got to her through Orin, well I’ve got Orin at home. – David said without any introductions.

Niko came closer to David, then gave him a hug.

– Erick got his memories back about time here. I’m the evil witch again.

David hugged Niko back tight, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

– Oh dear, that is hard. But I’ll be here for you.

– That won’t happen, so can I kill you?

– That’s a harsh way to joke. – David smirked.

– Tell me that you love me, even as a lie. – She looked into his eyes. He smiled.

– I love you. – He purred.

– Me too.

Sharp pain struck Davids head; he fell down, having Niko backing away.  Looking at her and having pain that is paralysing his body.

“Thank you for saying it. For you to move on with all you must get your memories back. I’m sorry.”

He listened to her voice as he was falling into abyss of dreams, his stolen memories floating back inside, crazily, swirling. His eyes closed, having last thing he’s seen – saddened look on her face.

Waking up again was a tough part, body was not feeling too cold to much surprise, head felt like filled with cotton, yet tremendously heavy. He could feel that he was being transported, having his hair fiddled with by wind. Eyelids hard to open, but he managed to crack them open. Light was too bright, making David squint eyes as they teared up. He heard dragons grunt, and that is one thing he would recognise anywhere. “So dragon…”

“Ah, you’re awake. Witch got us to send you to Goddess. We’re almost there.” – Voice of an elvish man was soothing.
David sat up, looking at his companion, of sorts, more like escort. Typical elvish man under command of Goddess of Rivers, handsome, tall and can ride dragons. This one had armour, showing that he worked for guard. But long silver-blond hair and pointy ears, with beautiful posture and manners do their trick of making you calm even in heaviest of storms. They just have that magical feel about them.

“These women are up to no good again.” – Flashed through Davids mind.

Forests were picturesque, just like the rest of the sight that spread from looking atop dragons back. Soon he saw the mountain that he used to climb through and through – Mountain Sekka – home place to Goddess of Rivers.

They flew over it from north-west to south-east side, that’s when David saw the floating on air islands of dragons – the one thing that he had forgotten – beauty of the beastly nature that roamed these lands. His eyes landed upon the bulgy castle on one of the flying lands – “Labyrinth of the Sky Castle Krator” – he thought to himself, as his memories of it got back. It was the torture chamber that he went through.

In that Labyrinth dying was not the exit, suicide was not end. No matter how many times you died over and over, you were brought to life over and over. Until one day he had a bit of help from the Witch, just because David reminded her of her “King”.

They landed inside forest on mountains side, just as dragon sat down, folding his wings, they got off. David and Elvish soldier walked to the cave, which in itself was a hidden oasis in forests, having its own forest and eco system inside, along with the house where Goddess lived.

Oasis was stunning in beauty and size. It had river and forest, its own fog and clouds, sunlight and warmth. And as it forever was – in midst of it all was the Goddesses home. Her house few floors tall, balcony on ground floor, embroidered drapes hanging along with charms and trinkets.

Soldier accompanied me until the gates that lead to the house, then right at the gates he bowed, then turned around and walked back. Not a word dropped by this elvish man – no goodbyes.
On the other hand, I knew where I was going, so guide in here would not be that necessary.

On the floor of wide room, one wall opened up, just drapes hanging, sat three ladies. Two wore long gowns, the priestess kinds of gowns that had belts with old language writings; last one sat with gowns of silk layered on her, leaving her shoulders uncovered, body of young maiden, plump and sweet. She had long black hair, very smooth face and alluring feel about her were trapping any man or woman in her web, making them cooperate no matter the cause – Goddess of Rivers at her forever best.

– Long time, you old hag. – David spit out.

Goddess laughed in return.

– And you don’t change little one. – She gestured for him to sit on the cushions nearby them. Just as he did, a man appeared bringing him cup of tea, putting the cup on a wooden saucer next to David.

– Thank you, Naire. – Then David looked at Goddess. – So what now? – He asked as he took tea cup and breathed in the sweet and leaf-fresh aroma.

Goddess pointed out to one of the girls.

– She was found in forest. One of yours?

David took a look at the girl, indeed – it was Elyon.

– Yes. Thank you for taking great care of her. – David drunk his tea. – Any good plans or measures?

Goddess stood up, crossed hands in front of her, pushing her breasts even closer, and began pacing around room, having her gowns flow behind her, like peacocks tail.

– To great misfortune I cannot leave this place, although all this mess would be minimised if I would. I can’t really send my creatures to negotiate or even share the news, as silly people in Kingdoms and Empires long ago forgot who is the owner of lands here. Can’t blame idiots for being idiots. They don’t learn. Witch will take care of the demon and his herd. They’ll go for the weapon. It has to be taken away to safe place. Warriors are already piling up next to borders of Three Saint Sages Mountains. As if taking over lands ever solved a thing. King still fears creatures of old, but has no idea if they are still alive; Emperor is a blind jerk, having no real sight of any situations, his predecessors were way wiser. Greedy man. One greedy man is singing sweet nectar songs in their ears, to get a hold of knowledge and weapons. The biggest sin of greed is pushing this fool. He really doesn’t know what kind of mistake he is making. But blasphemy seems his thing here. – Goddess stops near David. – I assume they took her in, – she looked at Elyon, – so, do I keep her here under protection, or do you have means to get her out of Their claws?

David finished tea, shifted his legs, then looked at Elyon. She on her part was calm and simply waited for her turn to speak, to be addressed. From how she carried herself, David took out that she learned a lot here.

– Elyon, – David began, – I will be contacting you through Orin. Our dear Goddess must have trained you to perceive and contact. Right now your body, just like Ericks, is at the AIO Lab facilities, in the section of closed project “Echo” department. I’ve got Orin with me, she is alright, I’ll keep her safe. – David stood up and walked to the balcony, then stopped near drapes, turned around to face ladies. He began fading, becoming ghost-like see through. – No matter what you do, don’t trust Niko. It always ends with despair.

David disappeared in thin air, leaving empty tea cup behind.

– I already know that she is to be feared. – Elyon replied to the traces of feelings that were left behind this man. Goddess rolled her eyes, then turned back around and took her seat, wiping her face with palm of her hand she thought to herself: “Little one, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from her.”

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