Moment of Decision

For so long I have been going at it. Just trying over and over again to build something, but to my utter discharge of the powers I input it always ends up of me burning out of the idea.

Not sure if many can relate.

But the main issue always were that I have idea, I can draw it up, sum it up, give you the details about it, how it will work and what’s it gonna be, but I was never able to actually build it. I, just like an architect need a builder team, one which will make the idea/dream come true – make it real.

So finally I have been blessed to unravel the mystery, to find my great man who’ll be the builder to my architect.

And just so you know, I am learning a lot from him.

Lesson 1 – slow down, drop lower your expectations, keep on going at a slower pace. Just as long as you keep going.

And to not give up.


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