“Endlessly…” – she said

Heavy breathing, as she ran away. Rain just finished up leaving puddles around on the road, having everything grey, enhanced in colour contrast and wet. She kept recalling the flashes of that awkward situation she was in minutes ago. Every word. Stabbing like pins through heart.

His fingers caressing her breasts, as he kissed her deeply. Two entwined crazily, she moaned from pleasure, it was all hot inside… And she was someone else, not her. Her, who just opened up door and watched it all happening.

“Why her?” – words left her lips.

He jumped up from bed, she covered herself with blanket. He ran towards his “love” to apologize to her, but the door just got shut as the one he lied to about love ran out and away, tears swelling in her eyes.

He cheated that day, with someone he barely knew. Next day – no trace of her was left in their room. She left burdened with only her memories.

One day she was one who caressed other girls breasts, as years passed by, as she found that she liked it that way. No man ever would interest her.

After another hot evening filled with body fluids and alcohol, she stood on the balcony smoking her Pall Mall, listening to AFI, rock filling room with pleasing riffs.

“Endlessly…” – she said.

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