Forest and Sea

He kept his forest under control, keeping eye on each and every one inside his great lands of trees and moss, living beings and still nature.
She keeps whispering words towards his side, with just a sand hill being one to barely withhold words of love, of lust and yearning.
Her waters swarm with creatures of beauty and creatures of beastly nature, the great divine looks and hidden horrors. She as any womanly being holds her own secrets.
He heard her words, echoing through, sounding like whispers from afar, but he cherished someone like this – with distance…
As he was swayed by her divine voice, he began getting played by it as a sirens voice, being so deeply absorbed into the sweetness of it, he stopped caring about lands, as they were bit by bit swallowed up by her. Until there was nothing left of him.
Her waters now holding him inside of her, in her forever song she keeps on singing for him.


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