Tamed knights

You know them moments when personas compile themselves in front of you all being heroic, giving pledge to dreams and hopes they created, with their hearts beating drums of knighthood, standing up for their ideals, yet they bow to this Mad King, knowing squat from the REAL, with all their “ideals” and “hopes” being rubbish religious believe, that sums up to nothing, but literally silly wit, that keeps these soldiers well built for battles that they create by themselves, fighting the person inside of them, not knowingly.
They are so oblivious to Kings perks, to the play and the parts they took, where they’ll be lead… Just king plays with them, keeping their desires at bay, flaming their dreams, making them fight for what they believe in… Because there was day when Mad King took them, saved them, gave them idea, inspiration, support, and they became in a way tamed by the King, who now answers for this deed.

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