“It spins like Mary-go-Round in my head”

Head full of dreams and goals,
with some things spinning out of control.
Would you travel the world with me?
Would you be willing to be aroused by me?

Would you rather disagree
Of having yourself next to me?
But then again, that standstill hits your soul
Unable to resist the pull you stop – not in control.

There are wishes to be way worse
Than you’d expect me to.
There are things that’d make voice hoarse
From all the moans I’d pull out of you.

So sweet of you to be inside this ride,
Battling the feelings of wrong and right.
You still keep your journal to read your mind,
But you forget that it’s all inside.

Oh how I’d love to rip that “vanilla” feel off of you
Violate your body to that full potential
That burns me up each time I see you,
That makes me dream of screwing with you.

You are older, yet serene and too pure
To try all that dirt on your perfect body
You want it all known and secure,
But I just wish you’d get ready.

It spins like Mary-go-Round in my head
The way I’d lick your hot end,
The way you’d pull me back,
While hitting it until it “cracks”.


*Don’t mind the overwhelming lust. All is fine.


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