“The dirty thing that loves her King”

Small little thing that can crush any soul is to say that you hate them, especially if they become grown to you, part of you and you in the same time part of them.

Hikaru was an asshole for all the good it took in life for granted. With all the “I love you” he heard from Niko he would not give a thought. He would not react, he’d pretend to not even hear those words, even if they are being shouted. He would not care of it.

Library, late evening, pages rustling on the table, Hikaru was in a bit of a problem solving crisis. The issue was of a tough sort, not that he would not have that one person capable of solving it in seconds, but he was a bit of a tsundere to admit his “Kingly” defeat. Hell no.
He would sit there buried in papers, books and documents, being a tough nut and a cute thing while pulling his serious face.

She’d smile, she’d still be the one to approach him first, even if he was the one to inflict pain to her, make her scream from knife being twisted in her body, having her voice become hoarse from screaming out of pain, having her faint over and over then getting her back, because “It’s not enough for a witch like you!” – Hikaru would repeat.

-Should I kill them? – Niko smiled as she looked at the puzzled and serious face of Hikaru.
– That indeed would ease out my problem, but… – He stood up, looking her in the eyes. – That would make problem worse. Sylphs are a strange creatures, they have quite the endless supply of the magical spells. That would cause the huge problem here.

As often she would, she’d come closer to him, with her bruised body hurting like a bitch, some of the bruises bleeding as she walks, but her wish to touch even his hand – was more overwhelming. Niko just a step away from Hikaru, stretched out her hand, blood slowly oozing from bruises, she’d slightly, softly touch his cheek, as she looked into his eyes.

There were some moments in life when he would be very gentle, a rare occurrences Niko looked forward to every single day, as she went through pain inflicted by him, when he was not in the mood.
He smiled, pulling her by waist closer to him, hugging her, then whispering in her ear: “You better kill every single sylph love, and make it all count.” Hikaru looked in her eyes.

Niko was happy. She’d endure any pain for these exact moments. Hikaru held her head, pulling her slightly back, then slowly touching her lips, licking her slightly dry lower lip, giving her the kiss she ought for, but eventually will pay for with so much pain again.

Having this kiss, with tongues entwining, breath short and hot, hugging each other like there is nothing else in the world. Hikaru then pulled back, gently pushing her away, then smiling, in this sick and twisted way that he would. He gripped Nikos face with his hand, squishing it, so it would be quite pain baring, then he’d repeat these bittersweet words that would encourage Niko do anything for him – even die if needed.
“My love, precious little thing, be so kind and do me this little favor. I’ll love you more once you get back.”

After that it would be just days – few days and another species of this world would be totally annihilated ’till the last one. All for the King.


So here, the relationship between Niko and Hikaru that was from the very beginning shows up. The part that I honestly love so much!
It’s more like one-sided-love where Niko is the one to fall for this tyrant, but then eventually he grows to her, begins to love her in hos way, but still being the sadist he is – he won’t miss a chance to make her feel more and more pain. He’s the ultimate manipulator-sadist, but oh so loved and adored.

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