You ask me:”Is it really over for us?”

Your touch becomes tainted, with each and every single breath taken – it repeats the way it goes – all the way around the soul… Did you really seek for me?
Do you really think that I am that one and only person you need? I just see that you are lost.. seeking for footing and I am one to provide you that kind of footing you seek for – but it is all an illusion created by your subconsciousness – you don’t even know what you want…You don’t even feel what you need.
You see yourself lost, as you keep on imagining it that way. You don’t want to look at things that are in “Today” and “right now”, you see past, you live in it, with it, you imagine future that’s not going go happen, where supposedly I am a part alongside you.

But I am not.

There is another I vowed to, another I dedicate my life to, someone you might despise and hate, but that person is mine to hold, to treasure and to love.

You will hate me for that too, but it’s all for the best. For the best for you.


David’s musings, as he is looking at the way his relationship develop and there is that other person with a huge crush on him, but he is not one to reply those feelings in a desired way.

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