Perching Clouds

It was all about keeping everyone in peace. Having them communicate and transcend their ideas to one another, it all took its toke on those who managed it, but it was their work.
This Kingdom was created by those who were the observers – they would not become part of any wars, of any battles, if such were to occur; they would not be touched if hell went loose; they just were there to scribble down events, be ones to help maintain peace, but if war was inevitable – they would be aside, keeping track of time and events.

The King would always visit other rulers – he would be humbly accepting their rage and still praying for the grace to fall upon those in need.
One other, such kind of place who’d be one on the side until some point were the Empire. It would be on the other side of this world, yet it would be one to have its power greater than one of Kingdoms, which kept its grounds to a minimum for centuries, so they would not affect anything else.
King happened to be getting weaker, older, with his son being one to succeed throne. But for now he’s a Prince. Prince with a name Hikaru. The pure young man, holder of the knowledge that was collected for centuries, one with great looks of an angel. He was being viewed as the best upcoming King in the history.

Hikaru was in Castle Library. As always having rants when nobody sees him, shouting about how much he does not like studying all this bullshit and how much he does not want to be the next King.
Throwing another book against the wall, then settling on a windowsill, calming the nerves down, he heard footsteps.
“Oh shit! I’m found?!” – he hectically thought to himself as he was looking up on who might be coming his way.
Girl, young, long red and black hair, slim figure and in clothes he never saw before. He never saw her before.
He stood puzzled, as she was coming closer.

– Um, hi? – She spoke, trying her best at not spooking Hikaru.
He looked her in the eyes, her green eyes sparkling as she stared at him.

– Who are you? What are you doing here? – He spoke as nice as he could pull off right now.
She breathed out in relief, then raised her right hand to her heart:
– Name’s Niko. I… am not sure how I got here, but it’s nice. – she looked around , – Is this library of sort?
Hikaru came closer to her, less than a step away, then he grabbed her face with one hand and raised it up to look better at her. He was indeed head taller. His white hair shimmering in the sun, bright green eyes piercing enough to scare, if needed; right now he was like a devil or a wolf in the skin of a sheep.
Niko blushed, having someone touch her like this was making her heart thump like crazy. “He’s so close…” – electrified in her head.

– So, – Hikaru spoke as he got even closer to her face, – You don’t know where you are. Am I right? – Niko nodded slightly, as far as Hikarus grip allowed.
– Do you want to stay here?
Niko nodded again, for now she was awed. Hikaru smirked.
– Oh, do you like me?
Niko blushed even more, having her ears become beetroot red.
– That’s cute, – Hikaru laughed, releasing his grip, then softly brushed his fingers over her cheek. – Then how about you become mine?
Niko turned her face towards book shelves, trying to not get overwhelmed with his charm to the point of no return.
-Th… That’s… That’s um… Is it not too much to say something so embarrassing?
Hikaru leaned over her ear:
– Not in least, – he whispered, – but don’t you know you’ll be thrown out if you don’t find somewhere to belong? So why don’t you belong to me?
She was left speechless. Thoughts rushed through her head, leaving her with no choice right now but to succumb to his selfishness.
– Ok. – She said.
– “Ok” what? – He pestered her, – If you don’t say it out loud, how do I know what you want?
– I want to belong to you. – She said it in barely audible voice, but he kept his face close to hers, so he heard it well.
– Good girl. – Praised Hikaru. – Now, as my belonging, you must have courage. So, why don’t you kiss me then? To show how courageous and obedient you are. – He stood up, now not leaning over. He looked down on her, having the most annoying look on his face, one that made him the master.
Her hand raised to his face, touching his cheek lightly, then she got on tip toes to reach his lips. She touched his lips with hers, pressing slightly. He smiled. He knew he could do anything to her now, as her righteous master.
Nikos heart beat was one of hare that got cornered, but the way Hikarus lips felt on her lips made her feel in heaven. They were soft and pink, puffy a bit, then she felt his tongue pushing in, his hand holding her head, so there would not be escape route in any way. He kissed her deeply, breath hot. Her head was spinning from kiss, she barely knew him, just knew his dark side from days of observing, yet she wanted more. More than ever before.
Something began burning her side. She felt something slowly dripping on left side of her body. Then world began spinning, yet she was locked in a kiss, and right before her lights went out, he pulled back. “So you’re mine now, huh?” – Hikaru smirked devilishly.

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