“Can I spend the night with you?”

Veil from her eyes is off; long slim fingers took them off. Her eyes meet eyes of girl, the king of green like swamp forest, only bit brighter.

“Finally you’re here. I waited long. Come, I have something to show you.” – She spoke, then turned around, her slim figure pacing through the corridor. Dark red hair falling free to her shoulders, dressed in long knitted dress, fluffy socks… “So that is why her footsteps are unheard.”- Thought one to herself.

And so following this girl was quite inevitable, corridor was only going one way, from behind – pitch black, as if darkness breathing icily waiting for death. Wooden floor, quite an old house, high ceiling, long curtains covering wide windows, not letting much of moonlight seep through cracks, then up ahead glass door, opened, and there is green room. Conservatory, by all means, with its walls covered with flowers, from orchids to birds of paradise, roses white and red, in the middle there is round coffee table and one vintage puffy couch. Two mugs were set on table, steam rising from them, one candle burning fright.

Aroma of sweet coffee was felt. Girl sat on the couch:
“Will you join me?”

And there was nothing else to do. So both women were now side by side sitting there, each having their thoughts that they should or shouldn’t share.

“I did wait for you,”- red head spoke softly, – “I dreamed of you, of us finally meeting. It was now what, six, seven years? I thought I’d never find you… You were my guide, when I looked at the stars, when I spent lonely night in dark and cold rooms… The dream of me finding you kept me alive.”

Then alas they both spoke, as if they had remembered who they were meant to be and who they were. That they were separated long-long ago, as they possessed thread when together, for their strength was in words and their hearts, their way of touching souls of others. They were lovers, somewhere long ago…

Lovers… They had finished their coffee and candle died off, leaving two gorgeous ladies with moonlight and stars looking from above.

Touch was so soft; lips were like fire, making both sink more into endless desire.  Butterfly kisses, sweet touches felt on the skin, the lust was immense, so they caressed the most sensitive places that urged to be touched and fondled. Tongue heat was making body arc, moan and softly plead for more, fingers touched inside the wet puss more and more. They orgasmed like never before.

It was still now, they laid holding their bare other, in silence looking upwards to the stars.

“Even if you disappear now, I’ll still keep looking for you. So that once again I can ask: ‘Can I spend the night with you?’ so you can remember us again. Other things will not matter”

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