“Just shut it and enjoy!”-BL-

– You’re really getting restless Elly, this is not the time to do it now. – Standing next to the window of third floor dorm room, keeping watch.
-Hiss off my case! Just pull your pants down Cay! – He was fiddling with the belt and zipper for a bit there – new pants of his lover gave him some little struggle time.
– Elliot, seriously, we’ll get caught if you go on. It’s evening, but there are still people coming back. – He looked down to his struggling lover, keeping poker face. Having such situations became quite the norm lately.
– Ha! – he unzipped pants with all the access to the crotch, then pulled down boxers to lick the hot end. – Cay, shut it and enjoy. I’m stuffing my mouth with you, so be thankful.

Cay smiled to the cocky attitude his best friend was giving him. Elliot had the odd tendency to really become quite the savage when he was horny. But he did give really good heads. Then there’s the thing about Elliot loving his back end being full with something more than vibrating toys – that was a bit hard to deal with, due to fact they did not share the room in dorms, not even sharing same floor. So having Elliot satisfied was a bit of an adventure for Cay – hiding and pleasing your lover – quite the romance.

Hot tongue, moist mouth and short hot breaths were really something. Elliot really knew how to get Cay rock hard, even leaking. That was the really delicious moment – having to look up to see Cay slightly short of breath, squinting eyes as he looked down on Elliot. Cay loved to mess with Elliots hair – so soft.

-Now pull your pants down, I’ll shove it in nice and deep. – Cays voice became deeper, really king-like, with him giving orders.
And to much satisfaction Elliot obeyed.
He lowered his pants, then put his hands on window sill, so that it would be easier for Cay to have him from behind. Pounder him just like he loved it.
Hot end rubbed and teased the back end of Elliot, Cay grabbed Elliots face and pulled him back, making back arch.
– Now say it to me, Elly, how much you want it inside of you, hm?
With his breath hot, his own dick leaking and body hot it’s really hard to stay in any way strong against this:
– Cay, please, put that dick of yours inside me, my hole wants you bad. – Moaned out Elliot.

Hot end began pushing in slowly, making Elliot bend and moan, pushing himself more onto Cays cock.
– What a naughty bitch you are, you just don’t learn… – Cay began pounding Elliot hard, as he held his face with one hand, putting fingers in his mouth so that moans would not be as loud. With other hand Cay was jerking Elliot off. Elly barely held onto window sill, trying his best not to fall. He loved it hard, he loved it when it was Cay.

It was always ending up with Elliots ass all creampied, Elliot out of breath, unable to stand and repeating it in barely audible voice “I love you Cay”, as he’d be lying next to Cay.
– Yeah yeah, I love you too Elly. But seriously man, we gotta do something about your endless sex drive. You’ll get me dried out sometime soon if we go on like this. – Cay held Elly tight in his hands. – Oi, you asshole! Did you fall asleep again? Ehh…

It really became quite much of an everyday thing – to be hiding in the most strangest places, having sex and then Cay had to carry Elliot to the showers and back to the room.
“Lazy fuck…” – Cay would say as he’d tuck in Elliot. – “I love you too.”


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