Stroll along, make up world

Each sound is so very inspiring in every different way.
So each work as something to get spirits up, or drown in spirits as your downing them day by day.
Sunny day, bright light and being on the road – makes thoughts wander.

He’s there – in that part of world, ahead or beside, not sure if I’ll ever get it right.
But I’m here, right now – in here, where world is passing by, like scenery outside the window.
I really wonder when they’ll start seeing further than their nose, but will they ever?
He’s there.
Catching my passing-by thought – “There were two… two besides me. It were three of us.” Mind goes spinning round – two others? Who? I’m sure that there were two more of…
We shared it all – I was their beloved, and they relied on me. In a way like grown up kids, in a way like childish lovers, all in their own intent with oddest contempt. They looked over me, in a way… mostly they just caused problems and I solved them. Yet I could never say “No” to the two. They, although alike, but so different.
Even the way they dress, even their hair color. One is with ashy hair, another with dark brown, yet both share the attitude of pompous kingdom taken together. Yet I loved that they knew for sure what they want. Really. Each time surprising me with weirdest thoughts “Marry us” they say. What a weird balls. But as I cling onto you both, endlessly, just being happy to hold on, to press my face against their bodies, hug them tight, breathe in their scent… Oh my…

It was really that long ago? Was it truth tho’? But the memories are so vivid, so alive. How do I now survive, knowing that somewhere along scenery there – are the two of the most pompous brats that I love?

Looking back at the moment when it all was brought up – being in middle of nowhere, having the two come out of thin air, take my hands and walking alongside, make world more precious than before.

Smile they give, or hug they share – gives the support and snares up all the feelings on that right sport in there.
Each word, each move, touch, they shared with me – keeps the warmth inside of me.
They knew where to find me if I’m lost, knowing rights and wrongs, still having the patience to kick it all, and push me on. They made me their queen, having the world at my feet. They really knew how to treat me.

And all they’ve done made me stronger, so strong in fact, that I could push them on, that I could sort things out for them, keeping stupid things away, clearing up path for them, getting rid of all the issues if any occurred – being strong – staying strong. I loved it all.

My Sun&Moon are my all, having both – body and soul to their advantage of achieving it all.

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