“I’m wondering…”

Mulling it over once again,
I’m wondering…
Do you write letters over there,
Or you’re not bothering..?

Expecting some kind of a message,
Yet catching up on “why?”
Do I really, truly, madly,
Need this demn reply?

For all I know – something went wrong,
You had to change, you had to go.
Whatever happens – I won’t know.
Am I that bothered by it though?

Instead of having your reply,
I’ve got a letter from “that my?” –
Well, someone relatively known.
Having old memories come on..

It’s really odd to have “that” there.
But really now, who’d really care?
Like passing intersection fare
We end up here, or we go there..

But once again, let’s just pretend
That I still write you letters,
What would you say, what would you mend…
If any of it matters.


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