Believe in mess

Tending to questions and answers ahead… uncertain of matters that might be on hand. Clock ticking and ticking as time’s moving on, all matters seem frightening, as they always have.

The yearning for person to soothe and calm heart, the wish for this whole lot of mess to just stop. To hold onto someone, to feel courage from them, to move and keep going towards the goal.

Ones story of life, almost certainly, can become poem or whole book of events. Not always main character deals with matters at hands. Some issues so deeply hurt, others demand to be dealt with and heard. But as a human with all different flaws, it’s hard to make choices that end up in past.

They drag on at times, making life living hell, ¬†or creep up upon you like ghost from a well. But no matter how hard things get in ones life, there’s always someone or something like sunshine.

The little thing believes in your “good” side, who only remembers you as someone real nice, and happy, and positive, one of a kind. To make you feel like – to strive towards that, to do your best not succumb to the darkness, to become better version of oneself.

It’s good to know that someone believes in you like you could not believe in oneself.


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