“Soul played like piano”

Whiff of your fragrance caught me off guard. You were really something. Even today you looked mesmerizing in your dress and cute shawl, having your long hair in ponytail, ever light make-up and a sweetest smile.

Looking at you from aside for long now, although sometimes it feels like eternity, but really I just started to work here alongside you just few months ago.

You are like angel. Many adore you, they are really happy to have you here for you are reliable, you do your job really well, support others. You do so much more than you think…

Aw, my heart feels like piano that you play.

You just walk up to me, every day, giving me things to do with these papers or calls, then deal with people who come in… But all I really think about is holding you!

Soft hair, smooth skin, your dress revealing your beautiful legs, as you gracefully walk around this shabby office. Your perfect fingers touching these papers, keyboard, pens… How I wish to be in their place. Just burning out with dire wish to be touched by you!

But I do get a bit of satisfaction when you pat me on my shoulder, or grab my wrist to stop me when I go. This time you made me really lose it.

Holding this bouquet of flowers, walking to you, ready to say what I really think of you, as you grab me by my wrist and pull me back inside the hall: “Wait, is that for Kates birthday? Oh god how I forgot and just remembered! Mind if I say we got these flowers together for her?”

So close, yet so far… But this is my chance.

“They are for you actually. I love you.” – I held the bouquet to you. You stopped smiling, in surprise you forgot all about Kate, or whoever. I found it to be pleasing for me – seeing you this surprised.

“I… I… Um… ” – you looked aside, averting your gaze, trying to come up with something, but I’m really sorry, it’s just too late.

Pushing bouquet onto your hand, then giving you a peck on a forehead and with a smile I felt you there.

You left that place right after. Never to come back to the office again.
Yet you showed up at my doorstep few nights later…


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