Colour Pencils

Having a stack of great looking sharp pencils to draw. Getting the outlines by simple B pencil, then adding the other designs.

Each little thought merging into image, into creation, realization of imagination – beautiful.

Tending to forget how it wraps you in and makes you so hard on yourself to get it right. Really right… or maybe sketch it out so it looks close enough.

Have you put pen/pencil onto paper recently? ¬†Why not? It’s such a great moment really. Entrancing.

It leaves your thoughts wander other paths, submerge in the image you’re creating, leaving out all the rest. Really changing.

Would you like to draw your life? Really, your life. It would be so colorful. No, you must understand that bad thoughts get you bad coloured pictures – not bright and pretty as we’d like, right?

Hard sometimes to remember or keep in mind – “all will be alright”, due to panic, anxiety, stress… But take them pencils and remind yourself what it was all about. Don’t forget.


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