“Dance – Feast in bed”

The lights of late night city –
Glimmer of countless stars.
My destination really –
Is making money drawn.

I open doors, walk down the stairs,
From very first time entry –
You’re greeted by the beats.
The music plunders direly
In this dim lit estate.

They are so goddamn dazzling,
As they dance around the pole,
They wrap like poison ivy,
All beauty with contempt.

She waits for me in “private”,
The dance regarding self.
The show for few selected –
Top level tier of hell.

She then appears on stage.
The greedy eyes neglected –
She then becomes likeĀ elf.

Beats messing with my heartbeat,
Eyes locked on her,
On stage.
Her movements of a panther,
So playful,
Deadly yet.

Slowly unzipping dress,
Unbuttoning the corset –
The garments slide to floor.
Lust boiling from the inside.

Her body so seductive,
I really wish for more.
Fingers unhook bra slowly,
Revealing plump round core.

Whole picture is unveiling,
In red dim light of room,
She is on knees, her body arching,
Her fingers touching breasts,
Then down, then lower, lower…

Bra falls on the floor,
She’s lying down,
Like cat in heat she’s playing round,
So softly begging “more”.

My eyes are locked on her,
My body paralyzed.
Flashes – of dark last night,
Come facing in my core.

Hands tied with belt,
I’m pinned to chair,
With only pants left here.

She dances atop me,
Rubbing her body hungrily –
The moans,
The dirty words leaving her lips –
She has me.

I am rock hard –
She grinds against me.
Her clit rubbing my buldge,
My pre-cum soaking boxers,
Her juice is smearing jeans.

I know she’s in her madness –
Keeps toying me around.
Then as if making move so slightly,
She gets off me right there…
I feel her hands around me,
Going lower, lower, lower…
Undoing zip on jeans for me,
Her fingers going further.
She then reveals my hard kept boner,
Holding it softly in her hand.

My gasps by far mean nothing.
I’m on receiving end.

I feel her hot breath,
Her mouth now full with me.
Strokes, heat of her mouth –
Engulfs me.
The ecstasy of pet.

She gave me “head” like mad,
making me melt,
She smiled – I felt…
I’m done for.

Her evil smile, light touch and dances –
Night just began for me.
She noticed me from stage now –
I won’t be ever free.

She licked her rosy lower lip –
My heart keeps racing madly.
There’s still so much ahead…
She once again, so madly,
Will feast on me in bed.


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