The “Absolutely Odd” couple

Another day, another strange chat they are holding.

– Why don’t you just go and get her?
– For the reason that you are my spouse. Why would I go for another woman?
– That Does make sense, yet I am just curious: how would you just go for it, how would you get her and what would you do.

He exhales deeply, turns around to face her. She in return is absolutely serious and has the calmest possible expression with a dash of curiosity.

– Really. I am just curious. Using your advanced mind – how do you think you’d achieve her? – she spoke in her warm tone of voice.

Another look, his eyebrow rose up, he exhaled again, ruffled the back of his read and began.

– Well, to begin with – she’s married. Having ton of complexes. She is closed up and she is typical princessy type. So, in regards to get to her there would be a need of constant meetings, bit of time together, bit of chat, but due to her anxiety and uncertainty I’d have to all the time tell her how wonderful she is. Then there’d be a bit where I’d have to be careful and cautious with how do I touch her. She seems like a stray with a thing for not liking any physical contact. So, in all – I’d have to compliment her a lot, tell her how amazing she is, keep on being like a little sh*t around her with my “adoring” and hmm… Well, I could absolutely get her, but I would not cross the line to have any sex with her.

She kept on looking at him as he spoke up. She loved when he’d have some of these break-downs on things. They were absolutely amusing.

– Why wouldn’t you sleep with her?
He rolls his eyes, then gently holds her cheek with his warm hand:
– Because I have you and do not wish to have anyone this close to me. Plus I have not found anyone who’d be better than you. Also, I think that our relationship are priceless to me and I want to stay with only you.

He kisses her.


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