Broken Reflection/Menace

Similar features – they really portray the person in front of you, yet there is something off. The eyes are different, yet the same. The colour, shape, the positioning on the face – absolutely like before, but the look they give you – makes you think that they belong to another person.

Menacing feeling.

Still, the similarities of how this person is nice, sweet, sincere… But glimpses of little oddities do not pass by me.

There IS a huge difference.

Feeling like this person is playing us all. Wearing softening mask.

Goosebumps rush down the spine – I catch this persons eyes on me.


Seems like I’ve been discovered. Wishing to crawl in a hole – to run away, but body does not listen. My legs keep on standing, as she approaches.

Chill, numbing chill is gripping me tightly.
She’s barely step away from me.

Now I see it closer – the insanity in that look. She smiles. But not like before – not, it is not a sweet smile.
This is the smile of a hunter finding the prey.

I can’t move.

She knows I understood. She knows it!

I feel her murderous intent.

God, please don’t let it be the end!


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