Powerless/Silent Shout/Up


The inner strength is really something great. It keeps you going, it is your “mast” that holds you, your goals, and your desires.
But sometimes life gives you too many hardships – troubles, problems, issues.
And day by day, as you fight it all, while seeking for the solutions, you wear yourself out bit by bit. Each time becoming a bit more exhausted, a bit weaker.

Eventually, when there is no help that would breathe more strength into you – you end up really weak, exhausted even.

All is absolutely tiring, long, and you pay no attention to things. You let things go by you, looking at it all like on a movie.
But there is a wish inside, like a little candle or a bonfire that is called “a desire”.

It just pokes your self respect, your appreciation and all that is left – pokes to tell you about your dissatisfaction of being in this situation.

Yet daily, these reminders you get about not being happy with how things are, not happy with how there is no movement, no new gust of air to break out, not a single word to break free

And you’re there – in this silent scream for help, for support, for simple someone to remind you and show you that they believe in you.

You keep on going with this silent scream. But you consider the situations of others, so you end up thinking about “not saying things out loud”. They all have problems, so you don’t wish to add up your own on top of it.

Still silently screaming and shouting for help.

Then it cracks, a bit. Tiny bit. And you dial up number, or meet them in person and pour your soul out.

You keep on going and words flooding, with heart getting lighter after each sentence is out. Then, you feel lighter, you thank the person for listening to you, for supporting in ways this person can. Reminding you that life goes on, you’re part of it.

Others remember you, they think of you, they expect great things from you, but don’t forget that – none of us are perfect!

Don’t burden heart with failures, don’t burden soul with chains.

You just need to remember who or what for is your dream/goal, and keep on moving towards it in a way you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Don’t forget that there are people who’ll listen, you mustn’t carry whole burden by yourself. \you can ask help. It won’t mean defeat. For you’re strong to ask for help.

Breathe in, deeply, exhale.

The hum of night wind is outside.

Relax, you are not alone.

You’re not “scattered” – you’re a “whole”.

Don’t scream in silence – no need to do it any more.


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