Corroded half

Sun burns the skin, whilst wind softly caresses it. Hair get messed up in the wind. She holds her phone, looking on screen, reading messages.

Mostly she is being portrayed as a fine lady, as a top student, a great role model person of classical upbringing.

She smiles at the messages that are sent. She loves reading them – all this gritty sexy thing. It makes her excited. To have such secret…

Just like the secret of her panties, that have two strings, leaving it breezy below. But that’s exciting. That is worthwhile for her.

She finds it exciting, being the noted great writer of really kinky content online. Just like that – she doesn’t mind.

With much going on and along on the life, there are things that are secretly not close to be fine – her urge to find one and only man is dire and incredible, yet not successful.

There is still more to find and try, more to find and write in a line. But more thatn that there is still really odd satisfying darkness lurking inside – with her willing to go and give some other ladies a knock, twist their knickers, lick where it’s hot. Or perhaps not.

Still more to go through before finding new slot.



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