“Parallels” undergo major editing

Hey there!

Here to let you know that “Parallels” book 1 right now is under the major editing.
That will not change the plot or characters – only the flow will be different and the “little bits”.

There will also be some EXTRAS added inside Each chapter, that will help digest it in a more simplistic way. 

This book is now “in work” for past 4-5 years, with its first draft dating back to 2009 (which makes it even 8 years old). There was a bit of debate over it – due to not enough feedback.

Therefore now it is going back to magic hands of creator and will be polished until it feels “done!”. Due to for over a year it has felt lacking something. Now the final idea is out – the editing is really polishing it off, and soon it will be much better than it was at the very start.

Right now it is still in the beginning, but the finish of the Editing is planned in few weeks time.

Thank you all for keeping up with this writing! 

Please look forward to great updates!


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