My little secret_

To all the great people who read my blog – or just stumble upon this land of crazy. Weather you know my works, or it’s your first time seeing something – thank you! I appreciate you checking this page!

So, what is this little secret?

There is a “secret” book that I’m making. It is still a work in progress.
Unfortunately I will not be telling much about the contents, but I can share how it’ll be.

Ages ago I have stumbled upon a book that was written by a guy from Moscow. And the book I found in one of London Libraries. The book was just a compilation of his blog posts – but the posts were a diary. He’d write in this digital diary about his life events and how things would change around him. (*I’ll even place the cover and the link to this book*)

cover_151681.jpg So this is the cover of the book. It is in Russian. Link to the book –

Author – LightSmoke ;the name of the book translates as “The Diary of a Moscow Prick”
Tells quite an eccentric story, but indeed – it is life.

In a way inspired by this “Prick” diary I just were thinking through the ways of how a person can just take his blog and make it a book – at the time it was really NEW for me.

Right now I am doing something quite similar – the piece I’m working on is written in a manner of a diary.

It is absolutely personal, yet I’ll say that although it’s taken from a real life person – the thoughts and events – I Will put disclaimer of the book being a “Fiction”. At most – Semi-Fiction.

The places are real, the events are real, but the names will be changed, for as much as possible.

But then again – when you are a writer and a blogger – what you do is you put your life out there. And in a way I’m doing that. So, I think it will be quite a disturbing and honest story.

Thank you for reading this odd spoiler, but I do hope to produce some quality content in due time.

Thank you!

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