“In little terrarium” [short story]

Short story – R rated, BL/Yaoi [ OC – Eliot & Bel ]

The tone was set so that they’d see him serious. Yet so it happened that once his fellow colleague, Bel, wobbled in, mumbling the filthy statements regarding all but logic – the full house of guests looked at this drunken mess, giving judging looks towards Eliot.

“What friend he is, letting Bel off the rails again.”, “And he said there were improvements?” – the questions were asked within the crowd. They were restless and jumped at the gun to make their conclusions.

Eliot ran towards Bel, grabbing the drunken mess and dragging him out of the Great Hall.

“What? I was there for you! What is you problem now?” – Bel was struggling to put one leg in front of the other, even though Eliot was holding him.

“I did tell you to stay in the room – you’re absolutely wasted. Just not you ruined our glorious moment for the business.” – Eliot was mad. He was preparing the event for a long time. He was getting all as perfect as possible, yet his worst concern proved right – Bel got drunk.

When Bel was to drink – he becomes this mess of a person who spouts filthy remarks, sarcastic and rude things. When morning comes and Bel wakes up after the drinking – he remembers none of the previous evening. Horrible drunk – but he would not stop.

Eliot pushed the door open – dragging Bel with him, closing doors behind.

Bel was pushed onto the sofa – he fell on it like a potato sack. “Not gentleman-like at all!” – Bel was exclaiming.

“You just messed up!” – Eliot grabbed Bel by the collar. – “You just messed up, you idiot!”

Bel squinted eyes, trying to turn head to his left, to not look in the Eliots eyes. Bels frown, unpleasant alcohol aroma and heavy breathing – after having the trouble of being pulled back into this room just was not dealt with as easy this time.

Eliot shook Bel really hard. Then he slapped the right cheek of his dear friend. “You muppet! Just why don’t you listen when spoken to?”

The slap made Bel give Eliot a surprised look – not once have Eliot raised the hand to harm Bel. Not once. Bel felt some of the alcohol fading out from such shock. Tears swelling, eyes reddening. Bel felt the heavy guilt.

“I’m sorry..” – Bel whimpered crying. – “I’m so sorry…”

Eliot was pacing around the room, trying to figure out the way how to make it better. One he heard Bels voice – he turned to look at him. Crying Bel was certainly a surprise to see. Eliot approached Bel, sitting down next to him. He wrapped his right hand around Bel and pulled this crying drunk into hug.

“You idiot.” – Eliot exhaled.

“I’m so sorry..” – Bel kept mumbling, as tears were falling down his cheeks.

Soon enough Bel calmed down, falling asleep in Eliots arms.

Eliot then left this sleeping mess on a sofa. There was still an event that needed to reach a conclusion.

The lights were flickering, the guests were still there – yet thank god, due to having a great assistant – Eliot exhaled in relief.

His assistant already rounded up the mess, and was in the middle of explaining the business plans and ideas. She was great at extinguishing this sort of fires.

Her work was tasteful, just like her looks and approaches.

Eliot approached the stage again. She saw him. And with the best of the ways reintroduced Eliot back to the stage:

“Right now, lets hear the main idea of this project from the very founder – Eliot Addeson!”.

Eliot got up on the stage, with round of applause that was echoing through the hall. He managed to finish the event smoothly.

“Now – please enjoy the rest of the evening!” – Eliot finished up, receiving the round of applause he went down from the stage – now having few interested gents and ladies approaching him to have more talk about the project.

It was now an hour past the end – the guests were now mingling between each other.

The Assistant gave a little report and said she’d manage the rest of it, so Eliot can go – he was really happy to know that he’s covered by her.

Eliot walked slowly to the room where Bel was asleep – to find that Bel was not on the sofa. Panic for a moment took over the body – Eliot darted towards the other room. For the great relieve he heard the shower in the bathroom working. He went towards the bathroom – opening the door to discover that Bel was under the pouring water. Having a shower.

That sort of shower was the good way of getting sobered up. So Eliot stood in the doorway, his hands crossed on his chest, his shoulder against the door frame, legs crossed. He enjoyed the look of Bel showering.

Fine body, mildly tanned, muscles shimmering, as Bel was washing up. He had a nice structure. Sportsman body. Bel is still unaware of the Eliots look.

“Elioooot, I’m sorry.” – Breathed out Bel, practicing his apology, his face upwards, water streaming down his shoulders, – “Please forgive my silly self for giving you hard time. Hope I can make up for it somehow.” – Bel took a deep breath, – ” Somehow…” – He repeated.

“You can pay me back with your body – I’ll forgive you then. Maybe.” – Eliot spoke up. Bel turned around in surprise.

“What? You mean you heard?!” – Bel exclaimed.

“Yup. All of it.” – Eliot grinned.

Bel turned the water off, stepped out of the tub, ran his hand through his hair from front to back.

“Enjoying the view, you perv?” – Bel took towel to dry himself off, but Eliot came in closer and took over.

“Now you’ll just take all from me… Want to make me feel like an absolute crap, huh?” – Bel was being annoyed.

“Not really. I’ll just take you up and have my way. That’s gonna be your apology” – Eliot rustled Bels hair with towel, then holding Bels cheeks, drew in for a kiss. Bels face still moist.

Eliot pushed in his tongue – Bel was not resisting. After a deep kiss Eliot pulled back.

“That’s it?” – Now Bel was a sarcastic. He hugged Eliot – getting his clothes wet.

Eliot looked down, as the shirt became see through in some bits. Then looked in Bels eyes.

“Want to plat it this way?” – Eliot gave a cold look, making Bel get slight shiver of fear. That look made Bel step back, but it’s too late – Eliot grabbed him tight.

“Now, dear puppy, you’ll undress me, then will go on the bed and will prepare yourself for me to have you in ways that I want.” – Eliot released his tight grip on Bels waist.

Bel, although surprised, started to slowly unbutton Eliots shirt. Bel just knew that getting Eliot angry is the worst – there is no forgiveness, there is no “pardon” – there is only punishment.


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