“Movie Clip – Music Room” [short story]

Short story – PG  “Yuri” [ OC Lisa & Ella ]

Her fingers on the strings, the majestic movements of the violin bow as she held it. Precision and flaw of each movement made the hair stick up, goosebumps, chills down the spine, eyes tearing up from the beauty.

Lisa was great at playing violin. She is beautiful, pure and each time she holds the violin up, bow in her hand, closes her eyes and plays – air changes. All surrounding air changes. She becomes like a goddess, like a Muse of art.

My eyes glued to her. Right now she was practicing in empty music room. After-school practice. I saw her once during the event that school had – she mesmerized me. Then I noticed that I kept on following her. I knew where she went. I knew her schedule. I knew how long she took in restroom and how fascinating she sounds when heavily breaths out after each practice. I’m like a stalker… I really do hate to admit it.

I’m a student of year below her. Junior who she does not notice. But I prefer it that way – so I can keep on looking at her, after her… Even as right now she plays violin inside the music room. Yes, I’m peeking through the slightly opened door.

Eyes on her each and every movement. I love the way her hair is softly caressing her cheek as she is moving whilst playing. Her perfect blond hair. Ah, I wish to touch it… It just looks so soft.

Lisa has the best of her poured into each time she plays violin. Beauty. Pure beauty.

Not noticing how hard I push myself against the door – it flies open and I fall into the music room face down.

I hear her gasp, as I get up on my knees and face up. She sure looks surprised. Both bow and violin in hands. She puts them in a case and walks over. The whole time my body does not listen – I can’t move. Frozen. In fear of what will happen… I’m now discovered, what should I do?!

“Are you ok?” – She asks, reaching her hand to me.

I take it and she pulls me up. My body feels the lightness now from her simple touch. Magical. But heart is beating madly. I feel like I could die any moment from heart going this insanely mad.

Lisa smiles. “Good to see you didn’t break anything. Did you come here to use music room?”

“Um… I…” – Unsure of what to say I’m mumbling…

“Oh, um,” -, Lisa brushes her hair behind her right ear. – ” Is is ok for me to practice a bit more? I promise just few minutes more!” – She grabs my hand tighter, pulling upwards, her eyes looking into mine.

“I love you…” – My mouth just lets this out. Does not really sound like my voice, but I’m sure I was the one who said it. I SAID IT?!

Lisa stumbles back for a moment, letting go of my hand. She walks towards her violin, closes the case. She is really set on going out of here now.

“No wait!” – I cry out as I grab her hand, – “Please, let me expla…”

“No!” – She cuts me off. Her eyes now cold as ice. Her look pierces into my soul and I can feel this chilling pain creeping on me. – “I said no. Now let go.”

Lisa shakes my hand off her.

She looks like a completely different person. Someone heartless and cold.

“Sorry for loving you” – I say, as she stands in the opened door.

“You’re mistaking.” – Lisa looks at me. – ” This is not love. This is just you mistaking your feelings for love.”

She slaps door closed behind her.

I’m left now in this Music Room alone. My heart in much pain, breaking into pieces. Having those eyes look at me that way – she really pierced my soul dead.

5 years later

Small park with close to no one in it at this late hour. It’s in the middle of busy city, on the edge of nowhere. I moved here recently.

I sit at my usual bench. I visit here every day. Just to try and collect something broken. With no luck.

Eyes closed. Wind blowing softly. Autumn is really here.

I can hear violin playing somewhere near. Such a beautiful and smooth sound. So much emotion poured into it. Somehow it gives off feeling like this melody is trying to reach . . . Me?

I’m imagining things. Absolutely imagining things. Soon enough – the sound of this smooth melody disappears just like it happened.

“Ella!” – Someone is calling my name.

“Ella!” – Now it’s closer. It is a womans voice?


Now I open my eyes to see who is so desperately looking for me.

“Ella! I love you Ella!” – Lisa, barely two steps away from me now, with flower bouquet in hands. – “Ella, marry me!”

“You silly thing.” – I get up from my bench. – “We’re for a year now married.”

“I know!” – Lisa smiles at me, then stretches out and hugs me tight, – “It’s our anniversary!”

Looking in each others eyes, sharing a kiss – her rose soft lips, warm tongue, the aftertaste of dark chocolate – I love her.


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