Just pieces of pieces of pieces….

-Journal entry-


There are moments when you just make it as it is. When you don’t really wish to be bothered by the ideas that it will get absolutely criticized, smothered, have people with opinions that so discombobulate you leaving absolutely… lost?

Perhaps, I just so assume, this feeling comes with age. When you become less interested in opinions of others and just wish to create what you want to create. When the endless buzz of commentary is just a background noise that you filtrate and don’t notice eventually.

But before – way before – when in school or college – that buzz was slowly sculpting you, or tearing pieces of you, or building you up. That buzz sure is making you – You.

Now there is close to no doubts, close to no… Now it is more about “Screw ’em. I just wanna do this. If it sticks – it sticks, if it doesn’t – it won’t.”

First time in a long time got that feeling of “making it”.

And that sort of kills my idea about having the people who make ideas,( as I call them “the architects”, and there are people who make those ideas a reality, as I refer to them “the builders”) keep on making ideas and leave the “building up” part to partner or someone else.

Right now I try to implement the both sides of this idea, so that I don’t depend on others and just keep on going. So that I not only make it, but make it real.

So I in a way reached new idealistic conclusion:

I am the Architect of My Ideas, I am also the Builder of those ideas. I am the Creator.


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