Changing up things PARALLELS 2&3

Swapping books 2 and 3 in “Parallels” series

So here I wish to update you people that I am going to swap the idea of books 2 and 3.

Both books are right now in the making. Parallels are still in the editing. But we’re in National November Writing Month ! Therefore I have a wish to do a whole thing of a book 2 in a month.

Shall see how that goes, but hey, I am optimistic.

So, the swap is taking place and after a story of PARALLELS you get to know more about Erick first, then it will be David. The rest is not for spoiling. YET!

Right now you can find book 2 here on inkitt –

In case you seek all the rest of writing – check the page up where it says “BOOK SERIES “PARALLELS” “- that will guide you to the links of all existing manuscripts and writing in progress.

Much love~

*P.S. Guess, soon enough I’ll unleash the dark “beastly” thing and reveal another writing I’m making – “Dear…. .. . “

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