“His sweet voice”

Original short story
PG rated

It’s been days.

I have been submerged in worries like mad. Every day – just all the mess of trying to work it out, figuring all out, pushing through.

It really has been days. With everything going on I was not paying attention to social media – it was the least of my worries. And the thought of replying to some pestering messages was really not helping with my anxiety, or my exhausted brain.

It was then – just then – as always, randomly I had a message from him.

“Hi, sorry I was not writing to you! So sorry!” – his message short and cute, just as he is. And it made my heart ache a bit.

I stopped for a moment to recollect the scattered bits and found myself at the bench in the garden – looking out at the trains passing by, people walking their dogs, kids bunking school.

“When did I last speak to him?” – my weak voice spoke up. I was really baffled – it’s been a really long while.

What was his voice like? It was cute. That was all I could remember. Then it started to burn a bit – I wanna call him. No matter what. Just to hear him chat about the randomest ever thing – no matter what. Just hear him speak.

I poked on the call button and the connection rang.


“He-ey” – his sleepy voice answered. It made me smile. Right there. I gave out a giggle. Him speaking with his cute accent, even trying to give few swearwords out – just really cute.

We spoke about something random. He told me how he is. His voice really sweet.

That made me think – it can be absolutely a drizzle of a weather inside or out, and it can feel like ache and pain, but when he chats about “no matter what comes to him” – it makes all worries fade.

His sweet voice gives a ray of light in the rainy day. Especially knowing that he is there just to say “I love you”.

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