“Morning Tea in Tavern”

Original fiction
Short story
Rating – PG

There it was – the lingering smell of the fragrance left by the lady who came in seeking for the owner. Aroma was so flowery it hurt my nostrils a bit, but it did smell good.

I’m owners friend. Just a really strange fellow that got in the way of this man and got to stick here for a while.

Today was a sunny day. Really fine morning. The birds cheeping outside was audible in here. It was absolutely delightful.

Grey – owner of this mad old tavern, was out for delivery fetching. There were new brews coming in today – so he had to be ready early on to now be on route to get it all.

I was left here – absolutely oddly placed, but enjoying my time.

Just for me, after a bit of a squabble, Grey allowed to keep some variety of teas – just for me.

Today I decided to enjoy the Jasmine tea. It somehow went along with the feeling.

My fine old pot was holding the tea well hot – that’s why I loved it so much. No matter the time that passed – it was always hot. So that even in colds of winter you had a fine cup of hot tea.

That helps a lot – especially to the travellers like me. On the road for so long and in the plains of endless forests or fields – just to take a seat, get the pot out and have a hot tea – that helps keep the strength and spirits up.

But now – I’m nowhere near the plains of fields, nor am I surrounded by thick forests. I’m inside the old tavern. The wooden walls, the floors and bar – all having the marks from drunken fellows falling over, or the “remains” of the great fights in drunken haze. Each evening this place buzzes with life and with laughter, chit-chat and yelling of young and old.

And somehow it’s peaceful here. Right now it’s peaceful. I enjoy the tea in this sun lit old tavern.

The great part for me – is that this is my little adventure within adventure – to be here now. Because when I finish tea, and once Grey comes in – I’ll go again. Off to explore the lands further, to seek answers and find knowledge.

But right now – it’s my own little happy moment of peace.


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