“Hush, hush… I’m here, master”

Original Fiction
Short Story
Rating – R (some sexy scenes)

Red curtains with flowing movements threw ever changing shadow on the bed. The Balcony slightly opened, wind being the cause of this oddity.

She sat on the bed, her back against the beds head. Holding a glass of wine, with just her nightgown on, she heavily exhaled.

“Gosh, all that thing was truly tiresome.” – she said under her breath.

A young man walked inside the room, holding wine bottle. He slowly approached the bed, took a seat next to her, as he put the bottle on the night table.

“Master, are you ok?” – he is concerned, his voice soft.

“Way better than it was. Thank you.” – Her gaze directed to the balcony.

It was indeed a great view outside. Nothing like dear old London. Very different. More subtle. It had it’s flair.

“Master?” – young man was now tilting head to look her in the eyes.

She turned to face him – “What?”

He smiled – with softest smile, happiest one. He was indeed that happy to see his master.

“Pff.. Haha” – She gave out a giggle.

“That’s better.” – He said with a smile, now it sounded more joyful.

“Dare you…” – She tried to sound mad, but that gave the sour puss feeling instead.

“Masteeeer” – Youngster purred.

She handed him the glass.

“Can’t you see it’s empty? Pour some more.”

He obediently took the bottle and poured more wine in the glass. Bottle went back to the table.

She closed her eyes, her head tilted back against the wall, hand holding wine glass.

“I’m sorry master.”

“What for?”

“To have you so exhausted, master.”

“Oh my,” – she exhaled looking at him, – “You give yourself way too much credit, boy. You are not the cause of my tiredness. Although…” – she looked up, – ” You definitely could be the cause of my  other kind of exhaustion.”

“Other kind?” – He asked.

“Yes, other kind.” – She drank her wine,  as he kept on looking at her. There had to be more to the words. But instead she just gave him this strange look, with a smile, that sent shivers down the spine.

“Do you wish to know more, hm?” – her voice was now really authoritative, yet soft. Now the feeling that she is his master was truly felt.

He fiddled his thumbs, looking at her, unable to divert his gaze, feeling that the body was weirdly getting hotter.

She stretched out to put the wine glass down on table, then tapped on the bedside in front of her.

“Sit here boy.” – She ordered softly. He obeyed.

All the time he moved she observed – like hunter looks at the prey. He was fit, especially for Her Servant. She would not take in account to deal with something far from good looks. Therefore he was a good servant in ways of his looks. But he had his little perks – that made him good servant for his words, deeds, obedience, honesty, loyalty.

She pulled him by the collar, their faces so close now – centimetres apart.

“Do you wish to be punished then?” – She looked him in the eyes.

“Y.. Yes, master…” – his voice frail.

She pulled him more – closing the distance. Their lips met. She softly licked his lip, then pissed him deeply. His breath hot, with taste of chocolate, hers was all the wine.

Tongues entwined, their getting more and more abrupt at thinking.

She pushed him down, getting on top of her servant. Their lips now apart.

“So beautiful…” – he spoke under his breath.

“Heh, you truly are one of a kind. To be this sincerely mad.” – She grinned.


The night breeze burned the hot skin.

“It’s so sweet of you… Truly.” – She said in soft tone.

“Masher, please, make me yours.. Master… ” – His fingers reached her tight, moving lightly to feel her body. He had this cheeky side to him.

Night was barely there. She trained him as she would. He was asleep, under the covers.

She stood next to the balcony, with yet another glass of wine.

“When the light will shine upon the land – it will be all mine then… Each corner.” – She turned to look at sleeping youngster.

“Mmaster…” – he sleep talked.

She smiled.

“Even in your dreams I’m haunting you. That’s really the oddest loyalty.”


She was asleep. Her breath barely audible. He stood next to her, his fingers softly touching her face, lips…

She soundlessly cried in her sleep. Tears rolled off her cheeks down to pillow.

“Hush, hush… I’m here, master” – his voice, strong now, echoing in the room.

Faithful guardian, looking after the sleep of his master. The dog, that would rip throats at request. The really odd servant.

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