“He’s looking for her”

Original Short Story (Related to “Parallels”)

Rating PG

Subtly playing, melody sounds through the dusty corridor.

It’s sunny, right after the rain. The air smells just like after the rain – fresh, chilled, with faint aroma of grass.

His boots were stepping through this mess of what was left.

It was really long time since he was here.

All the walls, floor – covered in dust, in fungi, moss, some weeded plants growing through the gaps, striving for the life, for sunlight.

The piano – right where it was left. The keys have a grey layer over them, most likely the keys will dissolve into dust, if touched.

Sun shined through the windows – that lacked any glass. Just frames left.

The city became a parade of the growth – the greens, the flowers, the arcs.

Long ago – this was not like so. It was a great town, filled with people and hope, filled with great vigour and joy. Until one day he came – then all was in flames, ashes and dust filling air, ash filled rain was a common thing.

The town became festered with gruesome beasts. The demonic darkness was not allowing them back – they were more than anyone could handle.

Town got sealed off. Everything in miles around – became deserted. The beasts were flying – they only were able to reach the barrier. That’s why the surroundings were burned out.

Legend says that “he” dies, that the sad lonely spirit kills all that was there, trying to disturb the mourning.

Then it all died. Everything became silent. For decades.

And now “he” is back. Checking the ruins of old legend, looking at what’s left of his past. Happy that it turned out better than anticipated.

Now he’s ready to be there for her. Once again. Just for her. Like he once promised. Before she was named “Witch”, before he was “The Mad King”.

They were friends, then they were in love, together.

He’s resolved to have her back. No matter what – to mend her broken heart.

The love once lost – now found again. With passion burning brightly.


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