“I love you, because you’re a beautiful soul”


Do you question yourself?

Do you doubt yourself?

Do you battle yourself?

Debate with yourself?

Feel exhausted and exasperated at the end of it all?

Like there is no one to share this burden with… at all.

Sweet child, it’s fine to be weak at times. Not a soul will blame you for having weakness. You can give yourself some time off. You deserve it.

All this work, all this ongoing buzz, the needed and required things in your life that you must do, need to do and do – because of others, because of reasons, or your goals and believes, even dreams, aspirations.

“You’re amazing” for doing it.

“You’re amazing” for keeping on with doing it.

“You’re amazing” for not giving up

For keeping it real, for battling the inner struggle daily, for improving and believing, for that love and strength, for the silent tears you shed at the end of the long day, exhausted and empty, in silence and dark of the night – YOU ARE AMAZING!

Only you can do what you do. Only you can inspire. Only you can say the right words, do the right deeds, make it happen. Only You.

There is no other person who would be with same inside fire, with same experiences, with same drive and that unyielding will.

You create own magic.

You wield that side of possibilities.

You are the wizard giving hearts, spreading your endless enthusiasm, your good will.

Just never forget – there are people there who love you, support you, cheer for you, look up to you, are inspired by you, crave the happenings that you ought to do, are really eager to share a life path with you, even if for a moment.

When you feel weak – have a break. You need to recover. It’s ok. Honestly.

When you feel down – give yourself a room to breathe. When you get that sleep, that small wish of good time in park or cafe – that small reward that you looked forward to a bit ago – do it.

You must remember – that you’re going to get up, that all the bad is going to pass, that all the hardships do not last, and that you are enough hard on yourself. Give yourself some slack, some time, some break.

You are loved. You’re not alone. I love you, because you are a beautiful soul.

Never forget that.


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