Ticking of a watch [Musings]


Many sounds, noises – filling in the room around.

The planes, that pass above, the cars on nearby street, the people in the kitchen making food, the buzzing of the vent in the floor installation, the wind in the window, the hum of the laptop… and there is the saving sound of a watch ticking.

Reminding of the old times. When it was sunny outside and I was helping grandfather with his mopeds. The clink of the screwdrivers and mechanical keys, the oil and engine couching. That was absolutely much fun.

Then the birthday? Or was it a commemoration of me going to new school year?
I’m not clear about what the thing was – but I received a gift from grandfather – wrist watch.

I loved watches. I really did. Still do.

Their ticking is what I fell asleep to, their ticking was throughout the day, they were the ones in lunch breaks, the sunny summer days. Midday sleep, or midday silence… accompanied by the ticking clock.

Even now – it somehow makes the heartbeat follow the tick, beat at somehow similar pace – along with each second the mechanism ticks.

It is peaceful, it reminds of obsolete silence and just the ticking of clock or a watch that is audible in the room, apartment, house.

I really thought at times, that when I heard that ticking – it was peaceful.

At times, due to headaches – the ticking would add to my irritation. And it would make me bury head in pillows so I’d hear nothing but silence. The overpowering silence.

I miss silence.

Guess the endless rush of London does it’s tall on me. So much noise. So much of it that I crave silence.

The kind of silence when you feel like there is nothing heard, yet it’s not vacuum silence, as there’s a feeling of air moving around, with own inaudible noise

The ticking… tick-tock-tick-tock…

It gives you feeling of time going. The feeling of nostalgia. The sort of heart peace in a moment. And there’s focus on the sound – the breath trying to become one with the ticking… Time flowing, slowly…

Then slowly, in really seeping through the fingers momentum – you recall the meaning of the time, the sort of feeling you have when consumed by the memories. The bright and sunny ones.

Once again, the watch… Can’t remember what made me like them so much, but the ticking that they make is soothing.



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