“A day in life of Evelynn”

Short Story
Rating – PG

Evelynn was in her room, trying to get that darn homework done and over with. But she was not writing anything for a fine half an hour now – absolutely blank in her mind.

Although the wish to finish the work was there – her mind was not up to co-operation now.

Perhaps it was due to her being on and on with the work for over three hours without even tea break, or maybe she was distracted by the cat outside and since then was absent minded; or maybe it was because of her mum walking in for a moment that made her distracted.

Now there was not certainty.

Downstairs her sister Lionelle and brother Nathaniel were loud and up to mischief. That was really guessable due to mums shouting at them. Well, they were young and cheeky brats after all.

Lioelle liked to snatch cookies from top shelf jar, when mum was not watching, then Nate would bust Lione and they’d squabble about not sharing.

Nathaniel was playing hunters and monsters with toys, when shooting things with his toy ball – he’d scatter toys all around – making everyone fall over on them.

But today, the squabble seemed to be different from all the usual ones. That too -gave Evelynn some distraction.

After listening to that ruckus downstairs – Evelynn decided to go look at what happened. Curiosity was a morbid beast after all.

From what she saw – Nathaniel was playing “Hide & Seek” with Lionelle. Then she went off to grab cookies and as she did, Nate caught her by the ankle, pulling down from chair. That made them both fall on the kitchen floor, bruising Nates elbow and scraping Lionelles forehead. That lead them to squabble, which attracted mum, then they got the short stick of smack on the back of a head and nagging.

Looking at younger siblings have these silly squabbles had Evelynn feel some fuzzy warmth in her heart, making her smile.

But having her downstairs was enough to get on mums radar.

“Did you finish homework, Evelynn?” – mum asked.
“I’m about to.” – Evelynn replied.
Mum got closer to her and also gave her the smack on the back of the head.
“Go finish it!” – She said, – “Gosh, why do my kids don’t just grow to be more of a really bearable and patient kind? Why such a bunch of elves around the house? Mischief everywhere!” – mum went on and on with her typical moaning-whining, as she got on ith cleaning up.

Back in her room, Evelynn, still smiling, got back on her chair, looked at the desk with notebooks and textbook opened. There was only one exercise left. Only one. But still no motivation to complete it.

Her gaze was over the scenery of garden outside. Cat was on a tree, sitting there, staring above somewhere. Sun was hiding behind the cloud, but it was bright summer say, still. Patches of blue sky were dazzling. Like endless sea above.

It took fair twenty-thirty minutes for Evelynn to snap out of daydream and finish the whole of homework. That all was packed and left on a side of a table inside backpack.

Evening was long, full of another little bunch of episodes from story time of dad at work. Mum made dinner, everyone ate, kids went to their rooms, dad and mum watched late evening movie. Evelynn in her room – unable to sleep.

The shining of setting sun was making room red – it gave such a fairy-tale feeling to her that somehow she once again was left in a daydream.

The shimmer of the late night, along with street lights and the young stars was glimmering over the ceiling, over the floor and walls of the room.

Finally Evelynn was asleep. The shadow swished from outside the window inside the room, slowly crawled next to bed, almost mixing up with shadows inside the room.

It grew tall, sculpting the body of a young man. With a necklace twinkling with blues and oranges, hanging from his neck, he bowed down – leaning closer to her.

“Soon we’ll meet” – he whispered in her ear, then mixed with shadows and disappeared.


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